Which of the five first-round QBs had the best rookie season?

Numbers suggest Baker Mayfield, record favors Lamar Jackson, finish leans toward Sam Darnold

Five quarterbacks were taken in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft -- Baker Mayfield, No. 1 to the Browns; Sam Darnold, No. 3 to the Jets; Josh Allen, No. 7 to the Bills; Josh Rosen, No. 10 to the Cardinals; Lamar Jackson, No. 32 to the Ravens -- and all five either have or will finish the season as their team's starting quarterback. Only Sam Darnold started the season as one.

So who had the best season?

2018 NFL rookie quarterbacks

Stats: This has to go to Mayfield, since he had nearly 1,000 more passing yards than the next closest rookie (Darnold) in the same number of starts (13). He also had 27 passing touchdowns, 10 more than the next closest rookie (again Darnold), and still had one less INT than Darnold.

Record: Easy one for Jackson, as this weekend he'll become the youngest quarterback to ever start a playoff game. Jackson went 6-1 as Ravens starter, as Baltimore's season really took off with him at the helm, replacing Joe Flacco.

Finish: Darnold's numbers are skewed because he had a rough start to the season (which would be expected of a 21-year-old rookie). He finished with 15 interceptions, which was tied for second most in the league. But five of them came in the first three weeks of the season, and he threw only one in the four games to close out the season after missing three games with a foot injury.

Darnold was 80-for-125 (64 percent) for 931 yards, six touchdowns and only two turnovers in the last four games.

Final verdict: Mayfield clearly has the moxie to be a winner, but Darnold has the highest upside.

Jackson seems like an RGIII-type, in that unless he improves his passing, he won't be a year-in and year-out, plug-and-play starter. The same goes for Allen.

And Rosen gets an incomplete, because the talent around him was even worse than it was surrounding Darnold and Allen.

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