Meet your 2019 Recruit: Kenny Givens, DE, IL

Kenny Givens is a strong side defensive end prospect from Hubbard High School in Chicago, IL.

New Kansas State Wildcat defensive end Kenny Givens is a 6'4", 245lb player out of Hubbard High School in Chicago, IL. 

Givens chose Kansas State in February after fielding offers from New Mexico and Wyoming, among others. 

On film what you notice about Givens almost immediately is that he plays basically like an outside linebacker who was not asked to cover much in high school. As such, the switch to defensive end makes a lot of sense. His 6'4" frame and long arms make the transition a lot easier, but he's currently playing a little lighter than what you'd like to see in your defensive end. 

But, the most exciting part of Givens' film for me was seeing how naturally he run defends. Most commonly you see players like this come in as natural pass rushers who have to learn how to protect against the run. Givens' seems to excel in run defense and will work to improve his pass rushing arsenal at the next level. 

The Wildcats have a lot of depth on the defensive line and Givens will have to battle to find early playing time - but don't be surprised if he skips over the redshirt year and makes an impact for Kansas State this Fall.  

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Man, I know it's against high schoolers, but the kid looks HUGE on film. He'll be scary once he's added 20-25 lbs.