2019 Recruit Poitier: closeness to family, high school important factors in choosing Kansas State

Taylor Poitier discusses his recruitment and decision with the Maven

Kansas State Wildcat incoming freshman Taylor Poitier took time during his first week on campus to discuss his recruitment with Kansas State, and why he ultimately chose to play football in Manhattan. 

We previously profiled Poitier and how he fits in to the future of the Kansas State offensive line. How did we get here? 


KT: When was your first contact with a college recruiter/scout? 

TP: "[Offensive line] Coach [Conor] Riley was the first one to ever contact me"

KT: How many schools did you take unofficial or official visits to before deciding on Kansas State? 

TP: "I took [an] official to Wyoming 2 days I before I committed."

KT: When were you first contacted by Kansas State? Who recruited you from there?

TP: "Coach Sped [special teams quality control coach and director of recruiting] was the one who I was talking to during the whole process" 


KT: If you were given the opportunity to speak with Coach Snyder, what would you say? 

TP: "I would say thank you for getting this team in the position that they are in"

KT: When you visited Kansas State, what stood out to you about the university, the coaching staff, the facilities? 

TP: "What stood out to me is that all the coach were straight up with me and told the things I could do for this team and I really liked the training table"

KT: When did Coach Klieman first contact you? Discuss your experiences with him...

TP: "First time I talked to Klieman is when he offered me and it was the most exhilarating experience of my life"

KT: You got offered by some really great schools - What made you choose Kansas State? 

TP: "I liked that it was close to my school and my family gets to see me play"


KT: What do you plan to major in at Kansas State? 

TP: "I plan on majoring in psychology"

KT: What else should the Kansas State Family know about you before we see you on the field?

TP: "I want them to know I’m going to make the city proud and help the team get to the top"