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To start, as 15th has pointed out, the way to get to the Community board as currently constructed is to go to News in the top left corner of the page.

After that, not far down, the Tool Bar looks like this:

The default is usually on Featured. Switch that to Community and that's where I'd bookmark this page.

On that same Tool Bar, you see in the middle 3 View options, a 2 bar, 3 bar and 4 bar option.

Mostly for the purposes of the community forum, the 2 and 3 bar options are the same as there are little pics posted here in the opening post (those two options differ in the Featured section as there is more room for pics and stuff). The 2 and 3 bar options will give you the last reply in the post, which is really handy. The 4 bar just gives you the original condensed comment.

The last part is the Sort option. In the Community board you have the options of Newest/Oldest/Popular/Fresh

Newest posts the newest posts from the top down.

Oldest posts puts the oldest post from the top down

Popular posts takes into account the amount of replies, likes, and I believe newest posts into account and gives you the best from the top down

Fresh...honestly I don't know.

Last is the 2 other sort options once you get into an original topic.

  1. is the first replies (or I think they're called comments) sort order, those options are the same as above.

  2. is the second tier replies (or Replies) sort order and also same as above.

There are many ideas on how people prefer to view things here. Maybe this is a good place to post your preferred viewing options.


The Community link on Featured and News now point to the same place.


Since there is no editing...WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO EDIT POSTS!

The Newest sort option does not take into account any newest replies in a thread. That is why I use Last Reply, as that gives you the last reply and takes into account the newest original posts as well.


After going to Community in Top Stories, then News, then Gameday, it looks like Top Stories gets the discussion in all 3 whereas News and Gameday are their own Community discussions.


This should be a stickied post just for all newcomers to get the hang of it.

Plus, I know how much you love stickied topics.

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