Canes Start 0-2 for First Time in 40 Years! Lose to UNC 28-25...

Defense looks pedestrian in a bad loss against UNC. Costly special teams mistakes and more...

So, I had to take a second and gather myself before I decided to write something tonight. I never hide the fact that I am a fan first and sometimes my fandom gets the best of me. I completely wear myself out watching the games. Tonight was one of those moments. So let me just rant a bit before I go to bed. Warning, I will be over critical, because hey, why the hell not? If the coaches can do it then screw it, I will also.

The defense was pedestrian tonight. Trajan Bandy chose the wrong night to have his worst game ever as a Miami Hurricane. But it wasn’t only Bandy, the entire secondary looked bad. They looked slow, they did not tackle well and were constantly getting smoked off the line. All around tackling was atrocious. For lack of a better word, they looked soft. I tweeted earlier tonight that a great a good team does not allow a first down on 4th and 17. That was pathetic!

Special teams was bad again. This time it was the field goal unit. Bubba Baxa was inconsistent at best. He is not worthy of his self proclaimed leg’s nickname, thunder stick, just yet. Special teams cost us 7 points tonight.

On offense, the Canes showed some semblance of a heartbeat. Jarren Williams played pretty damn good. He still held on to the ball a bit too long on a few plays and had one fumble that he was lucky to get back. He also had a clear path to the end zone on the two point conversion and didn’t take it.

Can someone explain to me why we didn’t take more shots down the field? Oh, I know why, are receivers could get open down the field. Either A)they didn’t get open down the field at all, B)Williams didn’t find his guys open down the field or C)they didn’t call any deep routes.

Speaking of deep routes, there is no reason why anyone other than K.J. Osborn, Mike Harley and ugh, Jeff Thomas(I‘ll get into that tomorrow) should see the field at WR. Mark Pope is average, Brian Hightower dropped a great throw and Wiggins is ok. They all look lost at times and are subpar at best right now. So for all you calling for them to get more playing time, tonight may show you why they don’t. Quit using Martell as an excuse. How many snaps did he get tonight again?

We had 100 yards more of total offense than UNC, did not commit a turnover and lost.

Cam Harris, Deejay Dallas, and Brevin Jordan all looked good tonight. But we lost. This one hurts more than two weeks ago. Ok this went on longer than I thought it would. David Eversole will have an in-depth analysis for you tomorrow. You’re a better man than me Dave!

Are we looking at “The New Miami” or “The Same Miami”?

Get it together Canes!!!

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Go Canes!