Miami Commit ‘20 Don Chaney Jr. (RB) Highlights and Evaluation

Miami Native Running Back Commits to Hometown Team

One of the best running backs in the country, Don Chaney Jr. (5’11- 200) will be playing his college ball right in his own backyard. A 2020 graduate from Belen Jesuit, the Miami native/commit is taking on the enormous challenge of continuing the legacy of the great Hurricane running backs before him.

His Junior year, Chaney blessed us with a cool 10 YPC and 15 total touchdowns. This should come as no surprise to those who’ve been watching Chaney’s development since his early high school career.

Measurables: (The Opening)

Forty - 4.40

100 Meter - 10.80

Vert - 39’’

Shuttle - 4.16


A former track star, this speedster bring to the table hyper-athletic legs, capable of deadly sudden bursts, and sprinter speed. Chaney is the type of player coaches game plan for so that he never gets a chance to show off his straight line speed.

Playing in the Wing-T formation in high school, Chaney used this time to work on his running inside the tackle box, which has paid dividends in the form of his vision of the football field. I've always said what separates the good backs from the great backs are their eyes. Good backs break the tackle of anybody in front of them, no matter the matchup. Great backs will break a tackle, and while doing so, get their eyes on the next threat to plan their next step; (See the 24th second of the highlight tape.)

The most exciting part of Chaney is that his best football is ahead of him, as the future feature back of the Canes. Miami’s pro-style offense should give Chaney many more one-one matchups in space. He’s VERY tough to bring down when his legs get pumpin’, and he can bend and contort his way out of most arm tackles.

Chaney’s been operating in a system that requires him to account for 7, 8, sometimes 9 box defenders. That’s 7, 8, 9 guys that can miss their blocks. If you take Chaney’s mental processing ability, give him less work, and just let his feet do the talking, the result will be nothing short of amazing.

Imagine what he can do to a 5-6 man box.

State of the Canes: Recruiting

Miami’s 2020 class now ranks near the top of the SEC with 23 total commits, 9 of which are 4-stars or higher. Behind Clemson, the Canes and the Noles have had a great signing class, and are just out recruiting UNC and Georgia Tech with that new spread option offense.

Let me know what you guys think of GT’s new offense (and its effect on recruiting), Chaney, or anything college CFB/recruiting in the comments below. Let’s have a conversation!

Image via Twitter @Donchaney1_fpa