5 predictions for Michigan at Big Ten media days

5 things we think we'll see when the Wolverines take center stage today in Chicago.

1. Harbaugh will be adamant it's a quarterback competition.

When you're the returning senior, former 5-star recruit, who is also coming off one of the most efficient seasons for a Michigan quarterback in recent memory, there's little doubt Shea Patterson will be under center for the Wolverines on August 31st. However, in this era of "if I ain't starting I'm departing" transfer quarterbacks, you can't blame Jim Harbaugh for doing whatever he can to hold onto to that crowded, and talented, quarterback room for as long as he can. One of those ways is to use Chicago as a platform to send the message to your players you're taking the position holistically serious.

2. Harbaugh won't elaborate further on his Urban Meyer comments, despite being asked to approximately 3,654 times.

Of course, what Harbaugh said about controversy following Meyer everywhere he's gone is true. Just ask Florida fans about the conditions he left Gainesville. Or recall what was about to be uncovered at this time last year in Columbus. Nevertheless, when you say that after never beating the guy, and two of those losses were undeniable ass whuppins, it's going to be blown up to cosmological proportions. Especially when you're the lightning rod Harbaugh is.

3. Harbaugh will otherwise be the most forthcoming and jovial he's been since year one.

For whatever reason, Harbaugh often chooses to dodge and diminish talking to the media despite the urban legend he's an attention-seeker. But this offseason, with Josh Gattis fully in charge of the offense, Harbaugh has been far more transparent and overall media-friendly than he has been since first arriving in Ann Arbor. Heck, he even released a depth chart and stuff! The looser lips he showed when asked about Meyer also differs from his recent approach. That further reinforces Harbaugh seems to be more willing to divulge these days.

4. Players will single out Christian Turner for praise.

Much is expected of the redshirt freshman given the carries available at running back, and with prized recruit/early enrollee Zach Charbonnet missing most of the spring rehabbing a knee, Turner has had leg up this offseason on locking down the job. Nobody doubts his explosiveness, which we got a preview of in the Peach Bowl. I expect the three Wolverines coming to Chicago to single Turner out as an emerging player to keep an eye on.

5. Players will confirm Gattis is in control of the offense.

The most likely response this offseason to Harbaugh's hiring of Gattis and turning the offense over to his new coordinator has often be a variation of "I'll believe it when I see it." Expect the trio of Wolverines in Chicago to all confirm without a doubt this is Gattis' offense, he's calling the plays, and it will be dramatically more versatile than the previous scheme.