Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

A perplexed Tom Izzo during the Spartans game vs. Rutgers. (Photo: Duffy Carpenter, Spartan Nation @DuffyCarpenter1)
A perplexed Tom Izzo during the Spartans game vs. Rutgers. (Photo: Duffy Carpenter, Spartan Nation @DuffyCarpenter1)

Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions and Emails...

Hondo do you happen to know who the three unnamed players are in the latest suit? Carmen H.

Yes, I do.

Hondo what are your thoughts on the latest lawsuit against three basketball players? John Hammond

First, it was a lawsuit filed against Michigan State. Second, they are NOT current basketball players. Lastly, what do I think? Who knows if the alleged crime happened? If it did I pray for justice for the victim. If it is not true I pray for justice for the alleged players and Michigan State. I will add that whether it is this case or other cases, I struggle to understand or comprehend people coming back YEARS after an alleged crime who never went to law enforcement and claiming something happened. I also struggle to assume a counselor at MSU discouraged a victim from reporting a crime. I am NOT saying it didn’t happen, I am saying that I pray for justice for whoever the victim is.

Hondo I just read an article that said Dane Fife was a potential candidate at Detroit Mercy. Do you agree? Do you think he would be interested? Kyle Wright

No, and that is so far-fetched I am sure you misread it. Dwayne Stephens was a final candidatefor the job previous and would be a homerun hire there.

Hondo, when does Nick Ward, have to make his decision on going or staying? Y. Tom

April 22 is the early entree deadline.

Hondo what are you hearing from NBA people on Nick Ward? Kim Simmons

Nick Ward is a 6-foot-8, 245-pound big that averaged 12.4 points and 7.1 rebounds. I am not hearing for him what I am hearing about his teammates. I will have a full detail starting Monday on Miles Bridges, Nick Ward and Jaren Jackson based on my discussion with seven NBA teams. Keep an eye out next week.

Hondo where did Ben Carter go? Thank you. Mac Ervin

Per MSU, Ben Carter was born in Israel. Now, Carter will fulfill his childhood dream of playing professional basketball, and he will return to Israel to do it. Israel professional team Hapoel. The team plays in the Euro Cup, the Israeli Premier League, and the Israeli State Cup.

Hondo how is Tom Izzo paid in comparison with other coaches? Thank you, Paul Donnelly

  1. Duke Mike Krzyzewski ($8.98 million)
  2. Kentucky’s John Calipari ($7.45 million)
  3. Ohio State’s Chris Holtmann ($7.15 million)
  4. Kansas’ Bill Self ($7.15 million)
  5. Michigan State’s Tom Izzo ($4.36 million) were the five highest paid.

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