Tom Izzo’s Latest Offer 20 IN SG Trey Galloway: A Rising Star

Center Grove 2019 forward (MSU OFFER) Trayce Jackson-Davis and 2020 guard Trey Galloway (PHOTO: Jeff Rabjohns)
Center Grove 2019 forward (MSU OFFER) Trayce Jackson-Davis and 2020 guard Trey Galloway (PHOTO: Jeff Rabjohns)

East Lansing, MI

This weekend as his camp continued to march forward, Tom Izzo kept his Hall of Fame eye clearly focused. As the #11 Spartansprepare to enter the 2018-2019 season he already is looking ahead two years to the 2020 class.

Trey Galloway the highly talented SG out of IN (Culver Academies) is one of the hottest names for the 20 class and the Spartans look to cash in. The burgeoning star was on campus in East Lansing.

The foremost expert on Big Ten basketball is Jeff Rabjohns. Rabjohns has been a frequent guest on Spartan Nation for many years and is a prolific writer for our friends at

Rabjohns broke the story of Izzo’s elusive offer to the Hoosier states young star. With Indiana on the upswing, Izzo’s prolific talent of stealing some of the top talent from the Hoosier state is a more difficult, but far from an impossible job.

Moments after the offer, Rabjohns spoke to the legendary coach of Culver & Galloway’s father Mark Galloway. “We were up at their team camp, and after we played, they had him come into coach Izzo’s office and they offered,” Mark Galloway said.

“Dane (Fife) has been to Culver twice. They’ve watched him in AAU, and they watched him all weekend. (Culver went 4-1, losing on a last-second shot to Chicago Simeon.)”

Coach Galloway added, “As his coach, I know you’re talking about a Hall of Fame coach, a national championship coach, one of the best in the game. It means a lot to me, and I know it means a lot to Trey, just the respect he has for a coach like that.”

For Trey Galloway, he is fortunate to not only have a widely renowned father as a coach but a man who grasps what an Izzo offer really means. The Spartans head man doesn’t throw offers around early in a spray and pray type recruiting style. He prefers a pinpoint laser approach and according to the coach, that remains Izzo’s game plan for his son.

“It’s another Big Ten offer. They said they want to recruit him hard and build a relationship. They mentioned they don’t mass recruit, that they zero in on some guys and recruit them hard.”

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