19 MI OLB Brock Horne “I love it in East Lansing”

19 MI OLB Brock Horne and Mark Dantonio. (PHOTO:  Horne Family)
19 MI OLB Brock Horne and Mark Dantonio. (PHOTO: Horne Family)

19 MI OLB Brock Horne “I love it in East Lansing”

Since the start of the 2018 calendar year, there have been few players who have seen their recruitment take off more than Romeo (MI) 2019 linebacker Brock Horne, who is up to 10 offers and is receiving interest from several other programs, including #5 Michigan State.

Horne recently spoke with Spartan Nation about his recruitment and his recent visit to East Lansing and the 6-foot-2, 205-pound standout said that he came away impressed with and enjoyed spending some time with head coach Mark Dantonio.

“I really like it in East Lansing, I like coach Dantonio,” he said. “We got to just talk together for about 10 minutes or so and we just talked about football and how he likes my film a lot and they just want to get a little further evaluation and have me come to a camp so they can see me move around. But I love it in East Lansing.”

Horne is going to be back on campus on Thursday to watch some spring practice. He is a great fit in East Lansing. Some players you have to watch closely and study. Others simply leap off the tape. He may to improve technique, or make some adjustments, but you can't teach heart. When you put on the tape it is very clear he has it and he loves the game. Horne is an old school football player that could have played in the days of leather helmets. He is tough, instinctive, aggressive and violent on the field. One person described the highly intelligent Horne as, “A mix of Riley Bullough & Chris Frey, taking the best from both. He is a football player now.”

Regarded as a 3-star recruit, Horne holds 10 offers, a list that includes offers from Iowa State, Central Michigan, Bowling Green, Cornell, and Harvard.

In his talk with Dantonio, Horne said that the Michigan State sideline general told him that he was impressed with his film and the aggression that he plays with on a regular basis.

“First of all, he said that when he watches my film he’s had to watch in pieces because they’re busy dudes,” he said. “But he said he keeps watching and he said the more he watches, the more he likes it because he said there’s a lot of highlights on there. He said some kids die off after a minute and a half or so, but the more he watches it, the more he likes it. He said he likes how I play with toughness and physicality.”

When it comes to Horne describing his style of play, the standout linebacker said that he’s a hard-nosed player who doesn’t shy away from contact and makes a living in opposing backfields.

“I think I play downhill and I play fast,” he said. “A lot of times, I just make my read and I just go. It’s not just sitting there, taking a few read steps, I get my read going downhill and I get in the backfield, I had nine sacks this season, 14 tackles for loss. That’s what I think I do best. What they like best, I think is my physicality and toughness, I’m not afraid to stick my nose in there and stuff someone in the hole or meet the running back head-on in the hole.”

Another aspect of Horne’s game that stands out to those who watch him play in person or on film is his vision and ability to see and react to plays as they develop. Horne noted that something that plays into his ability to see and react is that amount of film he watches in preparation in weeks leading up to games.

“I think my vision mostly comes from hours of watching the film, I’m talking hours, I put in eight hours or so per week,” he said. “I put in hours per week at home and that really helps me, it slows the game down in my head and that’s where I can focus on one thing. I get my reads and I do a lot of guard reads, if the guard pulls, I know that I’m shooting across the A-gap and everything just seems a lot slower for me than it is for other guys. Mentally it helps me make a lot of plays in the backfield and make plays in general and it helps with my vision.”

When it comes to Michigan State, Horne said that he feels that he will play the WILL linebacker position, similar to where Chris Frey, whom Horne has drawn comparisons to, played in his time with the Spartans.

Although he admitted that he hasn’t been a Michigan State fan all of his life, Horne said that he comes from a family of Michigan State fans and added that he’s developed an affinity for the Spartans over the years as he’s become more familiar with the campus and the football program.

“It would mean the world to me,” he said. “My whole family is all Michigan State people - I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been a Michigan State guy my whole life, but going up there since my sophomore year has really changed my view. I really like the campus, I like the people there and I really like Michigan State.”

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