19 OH LB Luke Fulton In Depth on MSU Commitment

Youngstown (OH) Cardinal Mooney 2019 linebacker Luke Fulton PHOTO:  Fulton)
Youngstown (OH) Cardinal Mooney 2019 linebacker Luke Fulton PHOTO: Fulton)

When Youngstown (OH) Cardinal Mooney 2019 linebacker Luke Fulton made his third visit to East Lansing last month, he went with the intentions of showing the campus to his parents as the Spartans emerged as a top choice for the 3-star recruit, and by the end of the day, Fulton officially committed to #5 Michigan State and head coach Mark Dantonio.

Spartan Nation recently caught up with Fulton to discuss his commitment to the Spartans and the 6-foot-3, 215-pound star linebacker said that by the end of his visit on May 24th, he felt it was the right time for him to end his recruitment and choose Michigan State and was able to tell Dantonio in person.

“I went down for an unofficial visit, I went for the third time, I brought both parents with me, my mother still hadn’t seen it yet,” he said. “We were walking around, we had met with coach D a few times throughout the day, but we knew we were going to have a sit down meeting with him at the end. When we got into his office, we sat down and we were just talking and he was giving my parents the whole deal, the whole speech and he was talking to me as well and he was wrapping things up and he asked ‘What do you think your timeframe is with recruiting?’ and I just looked at him and said ‘I’d like to commit right now.’ He lit up and it was just a really cool moment.”


Before choosing the Spartans, Fulton fielded 33 offers, including offers from Iowa, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Pittsburgh, Northwestern, California, Purdue, Indiana, Cincinnati, Duke, Kentucky, Minnesota, Nebraska, Rutgers, Syracuse, West Virginia and Wisconsin as well as several Ivy League schools.

Fulton said that a key factor in his decision to choose Michigan State was that his parents liked the fact he would be somewhat nearby and they would be able to attend several games throughout the season.

“I think a great thing about Michigan State is it’s in the Big Ten East so my family would be able to come see me play,” he said. “Michigan State is only about four hours away from my house and some of the away games would actually be a little bit closer. I think it actually worked out great with two brothers coming up through the ranks of high school football while I’m in college and for my parents to be able to do both. They really loved Michigan State’s staff, coach D, coach Tressel, coach Treadwell, all of the coaches that recruited me, so they felt really comfortable with me picking that place. And obviously seeing it, they just thought the campus was beautiful and everything about it.”

After Michigan State first extended an offer to him back in February, Fulton became a top priority recruit for the Spartans, something that the standout linebacker said was something that stood out to him throughout the recruiting process.

‘“That definitely was something that stuck out with them,” he said. “The first time I visited, I was offered. Everything was just straightforward the whole time, they expressed their interest in me and they really continued to show the interest and build relationships with me throughout the recruiting process, which I thought was really cool.”

With another year of high school football left before he begins his college career at Michigan State, Fulton said that while the coaching staff has told him that they believe he is a good tackler and they like his aggressive play, they also want to see him improve when it comes to shedding blocks and becoming more fundamentally sound.

“They think I’m a really good tackler,” he said. “The thing they like the most about me is I just go and when I go, I kind of pull the trigger and just go, like run through people. One thing he said he thinks I need some work on is just working on the fundamentals and technique of shedding blocks. Sometimes I’ll catch myself just trying to run through a guy. Just little things and little tips that can help me play.”

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