19 OH TE Erick All Talks Spartan Offer

19 OH TE Erick All PHOTO:  All Family)
19 OH TE Erick All PHOTO: All Family)

Over the course of the past month, Fairfield (OH) 2019 tight end Erick All has been one of the most coveted tight end recruits in the nation as he’s received several high-level Division 1 offers since the beginning of May and picked up an offer from #5 Michigan Stateover the weekend.

Spartan Nation caught up with All to discuss his offer from the Spartans and the 6-foot-5, 225-pound 3-star recruit said he received the news of the offer in a bit of a unique way as his friend and former high school teammate Josiah Scott broke the news to him over the phone.

“I was at home and Josiah Scott called me and told me that Michigan State has offered me,” he said. “I was shocked at first - at first I didn’t know it was Josiah calling me and I said ‘Who is this’ and he just said ‘We’re giving you an offer from Michigan State.’ After that, I talked to the coaches.”


All currently holds 25 offers and has been offered by Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida State and Notre Dame since the start of May. All has also received offers from Iowa, Boston College, Cincinnati, Duke, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Minnesota, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Rutgers, Syracuse and Wake Forest.

While he would like to play alongside Scott in college, All said that he’s simply focusing on finding the school and the offensive scheme that he feels would be the best fit at the next level.

“I would love to,” he said. “But I’m just looking closely at all of these schools and see which one would best fit me.”

All has been on campus in East Lansing as he was in attendance for the Notre Dame game last fall and said he enjoyed the gameday environment but admitted he didn’t have the chance to see the campus and plans on making a return visit this summer.

When talking with the Michigan State coaching staff, All said that he’s been told the coaches like the fact that he is already a complete tight end with the ability to block and catch as well.

“They just like how good of a blocker I am and how I can block and get open and get separation with my route running,” he said. “They see me as a tight end, like an H-back.”

All told Spartan Nation that he plans on making his decision near the end of his high school season.

But with another year of high school football left before he reaches the college level, All said he has room for improvement and wants to continue working on his route-running, which is already considered a strength of his.

“I just need to get better at route running and reading the defense and getting myself open against different defenses,” he said. “Also getting stronger and bigger.”

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