Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Utah State vs MSU, Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI, August 31, 2018
Utah State vs MSU, Spartan Stadium, East Lansing, MI, August 31, 2018

Answering your #13/15Michigan State FootballQuestions and Emails…

Hondo, I have a question I have always wondered about. About a year and a half ago you wrote a story that two players were, “Not with the program.” Dantonio took to Twitter and attacked you. I say attack because neither stayed with the team. I also notice I only see him doing interviews with Spartan Nation on a one to one basis. What happened and more importantly I have seen the two of you together many times speaking at the same events and you seem to be good friends. Hope you can answer. Kevin Wood.

Hi Kevin. Coach never questioned my reporting. I said that neither was, “With the program.” They weren’t, they were suspended and both did end up leaving. He said any reports that they had been, “Kicked off” were inaccurate. The program was in a tough spot, he bought them some breathing room. I didn’t take it personally. Mark is just a man I cover, but as a friend, I care about him. Never was there any hard feelings. From either of us. I reported the 100% truth. He has no issues with that.

When you have the game's commentators on the Big Ten channel and on ESPN calling a bad call even with a review that’s pretty bad. Tim Loftus


Hondo what is your thought on the Urban Meyer situation. If this had occurred at MSU would a coach survive? Ray Krueger

As a media member, I know how my profession works. Sadly, I am skeptical of a lot of reports. Especially from networks or outlets in which they have a proven track record of inaccuracy or reckless journalism, in my opinion. With that said, if reports that he deleted texts and things on his phonewere provable, he would have been done.

Please explain how and why MSU defense doesn’t/can’t adjust to opposing offenses that dink and dunk down the field? NW, IU, now Utah State. They run slants and flat passes that provide positive yards. The QB throws in :02-:03, not enough to get a pass rush, but MSU doesn’t alter their rush, WHY? Thanks, frustrated!!! Gregory Seraydarian

MSU has a superior track record of wins against those teams. Are they pretty? No. Do they win? Yes. Last year vs. Northwestern the MSU offense failed them. Their approach is to keep the game in front of you. As long as they keep their foot on the gas and score points they win. While ugly, I like the way they play because it is about winning. Football isn’t a beauty contest, it is about “just win baby.”

Hondo I am frustrated that the Spartans played terribly and the players didn’t seem to notice or care. Can you encourage me? Carl Vitu

Well, I am around the players, down on the field and with them after. If anyone didn’t care I didn’t see them. Tyler Higby the starting center said it best, “Obviously in the first half, we could tell we weren’t getting a huge push. Guys were falling off blocks and making tackles in the hole where we should be. They were a good defense. But guys, myself included, were not staying on blocks the whole time.”

Hondo do you have any idea on a QB for the 2019 class yet? Alex Duda

I do. Will Jontz from Brighton, Michigan is getting and earning a lot of attention. Keep an eye on him.

Hondo what is your read on Joshua Calvert the ILB from California MSU wants? Thank you, Kyle Stoddard.

I do not think at this point that MSU is out of it, but I do not think they are close to landing him. If I had to predict today, I do not think he comes here. I think the Spartans will land Brock Horne as their last LB for 19, and be very glad that they did. Horne is a star, with a workhorse that makes a plow horse jealous. A super kid from a superfamily and a straight up old school football star.

Hondo, the Spartans are going after Taurean Carter really hard. The DE out of Texas, do you think they get him? Brian P.

No, I do not. I expect him to go to Arkansas.

Hondo is there any recruits that you think are flying under the radar attention wise? You have been all over Horne, anyone else? Tim Sweat

Yes, I love Ali Jennings from Felton Davis III’s high school. Spartans have a great shot with him and I love the kid.

Hondo do you have any idea of who MSU would like to add as a TE for 2019?? Chris Feind

Justin Stephens of Trotwood-Madison (Ohio) in my opinion will be the Spartans 19 for 2019. I love that kid and his game.

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There you go, everyone. That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article. Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A. Thank you.