Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

2018 MSU Spartans (PHOTO:  MSU SID)
2018 MSU Spartans (PHOTO: MSU SID)

Answering your #5 Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo what is going to be the biggest battle for a starting spot on D? Thank you. Steve Dunn

Two places. The starting OLB and DE.

Hondo I keep hearing "Rumors" from UM media about a bombshell story coming about MSU Football. Should we be concerned and do you know of anything? Cole Sorenson

Jibberish. MSU Football and MSU Men's Basketball are fine and there is to the best of knowledge (and I am connected) no bombshells out there. But reporting "Bombshells" with no gunpowder have been attempted before. Sleep well Spartan Nation.

Hondo I know that MSU Football, Coach Dantonio, MSU Basketball and Tom Izzo were looked at after the Larry Nassar and ESPN hit piece. Any ideas when that report is coming down? Are you hearing anything from your MSU sources? Chris Scott

I expect it any day with school starting. Both coaches and their programs will have no significant issues, as those of us who cover the team every day knew (or should have known). The majority (NOT ALL) of the "reporting" was clickbait journalism and sad. I do not want anything covered up as my reporting over the years has proven, but it was shoddy work that was perpetuated as journalism IN MOST CASES (not all).

Hondo I am really terrified about the DL. Are you? Terry Welch

I am sure if you met the MSU DL down a dark alley at midnight you should be terrified. Sorry, but nothing about football “Terrifies” me. Concerned? Sure. Three starters back in Kenny Willekes, Raequan Williams and Mike Panasiuk are all solid and really good players. There is a battle for the other DE so that isn’t settled. There is depth, but inexperienced depth. I think it is fair to say that the depth on DL is a concern, there is talent and nothing to be terrified of.

Hondo what did you think about UM player Devin Bush Tweeting, “Lil bros talking? they must be out of timeout now.” Disrespect? Carol Prent

Disrespect? I think you want players to mark this game. You want the pomp circumstance and testosterone. This is why we love college a football and it is mid-July! Relax, love it, embrace it and count down the days until the MSU vs UM game!

Just curious as to how Jon Reschke is looking? Thanks for all you do, I love reading your work. Jeff Cottrell

He is looking and performing great. I fully expect him to be a starter at some point this season.

Hondo, on your message board, one of the most reliable posters said that Reschke would start, but not at the beginning of the year. Do you agree? Is that because Dantonio will wait to put him there even if he is the best? Thank you. Kevin M.

I do agree he will start and I do agree it will not be at the beginning. He will play next week, but Reschke has to make it clear on the field he is back. He doesn’t have to earn the starters job, he has to take it.

Hondo do you expect Antjuan Simmons to play a lot against Utah State? I know you are real big on him. Cory James

I do not expect a lot from him against Utah State, but soon after, I expect a lot.

Hondo do you expect all of the starters who returned from the Holiday Bowl on the OL to start again? Kristin Meyers

No, I do not.

Hondo great call last November on the captains. I wrote it down and you nailed it. Just wanted to say good work. Kyle Jackson

Hondo as a long time Spartan Nation reader I was not shocked when Brian Lewerke, Joe Bachie and Khari Willis were named captains. Last year you were the only one to say that Gerald Holmes wouldn’t be. Love the reporting. Kudos big man. Matt Rice

Thanks for the kind words guys. That is my job and I love bringing you the most insider information.

Hondo with camp over, who is the one player most players were stunned by? Terry Carson

Weston Bridges got a ton of attention from his teammates. A ton.

Hondo you do not seem as impressed with this freshman class as usual. Why is that? Brad Gesick

Because this team is so young, getting playing time for a true freshman is going to be really difficult.

Hondo I was told that the African American coaches and players are furious with Mark Dantonio about bringing back Jon Reschke. Is there a danger of dividing the team? Trent Morrison

Whoever told you that is NOT an insider and is a completely uneducated moron. Please pass this along and encourage them to write to me using their name so I can call them significantly worst names to their face. A complete falsehood and lie. They WELCOMED and wanted him back. Shame on you for listening to such stupid gossip. I would ask in the future that before you email me with such ignorance that you send it to others first. I know for a fact of black members of the MSU staff that thought he should have never left. For a fact! Here is a video of a black player and captain on the team, Khari Willis, talking about Jon being back. I can't and you can't control what others say, but you can educate yourself before speaking and making yourself look bad.

Hondo is there any doubts as to who the backup QB is? Thank you, M. Katz

Not at all. No doubt no matter what the depth chart says. Rocky Lombardi has not game experience and there is NO QB competition. He is CLEARLY the #2 and will get his chances. It will be up to him to show up.

Hondo I heard that Brian Lewerke did not lead a TD drive in either of the first two scrimmages, but did in the third against the ones. Is that true? Kerri Smith

I was not at the scrimmages, but I did hear the same thing.

Hondo you said early this calendar year that you didn’t expect Julian Major to ever contribute to Michigan State. Do you still feel the same? Roger Leger

I said that when he had left the program, a fact that Mark Dantonio confirmed earlier this summer. He is back now, so I certainly hope he does.

Hondo who is the best super star on this team that no one is talking about? Thank you for all you do. Mike Wilcox

Jake Hartbarger. The “Heartbreaker” as we have affectionately nick named him. A star who has skewed numbers. He rarely gets to kick with his full leg because of the potency of the offense. NFL teams are watching him real close.

Hondo can you give me your season prediction right now for the regular season? Thank you. Lynn Devoe

11-1 and Big Ten East champs.

Hey H Man, when is your next War Room? I love for those things brother. Thom Torres

It was supposed to be today. I spent a significant part of the day with Tom Izzo taping an EXCLUSIVE interview that will air on Monday and I have to call a high school football game tonight. So it will be up tomorrow AM.

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There you go everyone. That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article. Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A. Thank you.