Three Up or Three Down:  Grading #24 Spartan Football POST Maryland

Connor Heyward (PHOTO:  Jon Schopp)
Connor Heyward (PHOTO: Jon Schopp)

Three Up or Three Down: Grading #24 Spartan FootballPOST Maryland

  1. UP: RUNNING GAME The Spartans ran for 269 yards on 46 carries. The offensive line was very solid. It was the best showing of the Spartans running game all season.
  2. UP: DEFENSE The Spartan defense owned the Terrapins. A team that had had great success running the ball was held to just 26 anemic yards on the ground and just 100 total yards.
  3. DOWN: Coaching Mark Dantonio had is a good an honorable man. That doesn’t mean he is immune from criticism. He started an injured QB that was closer to 50% throwing then 100% when he had a young QB that had just had a terrific day for the win vs. Purdue. If Lewerke is your long-term man, all you have to say is that you are NOT playing him until he is 100% and upon his return, he is 100% the starter. You give Lombardi all of the reps again against a terrible Terrapin team and SHOULD you need him against OSU, he has another game of experience under his belt. Lewerke was 11/20 for 87 yards, no touchdowns, and one interception. The young man playing in pain was gutsy. I felt bad for him and it shouldn’t have been. Dantonio swam upstream when he didn’t need to.


I think Felton Davis III is a stud NFL WR, but Cody White in my opinion and those of scouts I talk to maybe the bests WR on this team. His return was mammoth and when you add to it a future NFL star in Josiah Scott coming back and looking fantastic, the Spartans are definitely on an upswing.

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