Jim Caple


If you’re a sports fan who likes baseball cards, bobbleheads, posters and many other things, then you should go to DJ’s Sportscards which is located at 1630 Duvall Avenue NE in Renton. And right outside the shop is a Ken Griffey Jr. wooden statue.

The owner, Don Joss, has tons of great stuff there and many at very good prices. You can find lots of Mariners baseball cards, bobbleheads, caps, jerseys, etc., along with stuff for many other teams and in all sports. Some of the cards are also autographed. And he has lots of Griffey rookie cards.

Joss has run the store for over three decades during which the baseball card industry has changed. “There were bad years in the sports card industry. Really struggling. But it’s blooming again now like it was 30 years ago,’’ he said. “It’s hot as it’s been since I started my store. There were a lot of lean years in between but right now it’s doing well. …

“The newer cards have gotten expensive but there’s neat stuff in them too. But at the same time, it’s not a hobby that prices people out. There really is stuff from every price range.’’

And it’s not just baseball cards. He sells all sorts of sports items, many of which you would love to buy.

“I get jerseys sometimes. I’m always buying and selling,’’ Joss said. “I love that I never know what’s going to walk in every day. There’s a lot of days where I see something I’ve never seen before. I picked up a neat collection of old Husky photos the other day.’’

The store is so good that two-time Cy Young pitcher Tim Lincecum used to go there and buy things when he attended nearby Liberty high school.

Joss also does some amazing great work outside the store. He and his wife Amy have adopted 14 children, many who are special needs kids and some of whom are from such countries as China, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

“When we were a young couple, (Amy) couldn’t get pregnant,’’ he said. “So we looked into adopting. And we found a program where it was foster care but it was designed to get you a child that would probably become adoptable. The idea was you would be a foster parent but you would keep them if they become available instead of them bouncing from foster home to foster home.’’

During that time, Amy also got pregnant and so they have kids of their own in addition to the adoptees.

“We have some big, healthy, strong boys now, some beautiful young women and I still have a house full of the young kids, too,’’ he said. “I have a daughter who is going to be a nurse now because of all she has experienced with helping us with the family and the little medical procedures and all kinds of stuff. She wants to be a nurse at Children’s Hospital.’’

Meanwhile, he is running his great DJ’s Sportscards store. And he has been a Mariners fan so long that first baseman Alvin Davis is his favorite player.

“I don’t really have a personal collection. I’ve always been willing to sell it,’’ he said. “But one time I did have a game-used Alvin Davis jersey from early in his career. And I sold that. If I could ever have something back, that would be it.

“But the rest of it, I really hold it all with an open hand. I like to find a home for it.’’

DJ’s definitely is a fantastic store you should go to and buy some great Mariners items. And other sports teams.