Podcast: Is It Time For An Overhaul?

Is it time for OKC to do a complete overhaul of its roster? Plus, how committed is Billy Donovan to the Thunder?

Billy Donovan is reportedly not interested in the Michigan job, but how committed is he to Oklahoma City? Plus, we'll tell you why it might be good for both PG and Russ to get snubbed for all-NBA, We'll make the case for a complete overhaul of the Thunder roster and explore the catch-22 KD was in during his last year in OKC.

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I remember last summer when you told me that OKC would rather be a 1st round exit and retire Russ than to blow it up. Anyways, I'm glad that people are starting to come around. You also didn't believe me that Trae Young was going to be a star. Really, I'm glad that your talking about a rebuild. OKC can get a LOT this summer because everyone is going to be buyers. I bet that PG could get close to what Anthony Davis is asking for in a trade package. I would root for Russ in a Lakers jersey!