Biggest NFL Offseason Moves Already Backfiring

Russell S. Baxter

From Bleacher Report. Check out the entire piece on this link.

We are two days away from watching the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots kick off the NFL’s 96th season. And we are less than a week away from the other 30 clubs beginning their own quests to reach Super Bowl 50.

There will still be some tweaking of rosters this week as the teams fine-tune their lineups for the long season ahead. But have all of these franchises done what they needed to do this offseason to put themselves in an advantageous position?

We are taking a look at eight NFL clubs that did their best to try to solve some issues this offseason, but as of this moment, there are still significant doubts regarding the decisions they made earlier this year.

Now the next question on the docket is just how much of a season-long issue will these eight examples become?


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