Breaking Down the Biggest Names on the Roster Bubble

Russell S. Baxter

From Bleacher Report. Check out the entire piece on this link.

It’s the not-so-fun part of what some have called the No Fun League.

Then again, making an NFL roster could be considered a lot of fun, but it is an awful lot of hard work. And we’re getting to that time of the year when we see it all pay off.

Now that just about every team has at least three preseason games under its shoulder pads, we will take a look at who may not wind up with their current team come the start of the regular season. We have chosen eight players (and there are certainly others) we feel are in danger of losing a spot with their current clubs.

Remember, we are not announcing cuts here or insisting these eight performers are definitely on the way out. We're simply pointing out that because of various circumstances (health, performance, etc.), each player may not be guaranteed a job with their team as it stands now.

These eight players stood out more than most due to a lack of consistency this summer or how they happen to be faring in a battle for a starting job. Age and economics also factored into the selection process.

Of course, we also know just how unpredictable this league can be.

On Tuesday, Sept. 1, all 32 teams must be down to 75 players on their active roster. Could any of these pros be among the first series of cuts? Stay tuned.


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