Cleveland Browns Are Rebuilding...Again

Russell S. Baxter

Cleveland Browns Are Rebuilding…Again

By Joe Lodanosky

Special to Pro Football Guru

“The best laid plans of mice & men, often go awry......” Robert Burns

Do you remember that fraternity brother that aspired to sleep with the nanny, and lose his wife, kids and happy home? Then there was the high school buddy that planned to start the business, with every intention of it going bankrupt in 18 months. The microwave was invented by accident and Al Gore takes credit for inventing the internet, planning is everything.....

There are certain aspects of life that just don't make sense, so bizarre it's either not real, or totally done on purpose?

Example A: The Browns, quarterbacks, and the draft.... ZERO chance that boat hasn't been sunk on purpose, right? Example B: The Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl win, post Chip Kelly minus Carson Wentz. Vince Papale or the people that actually wrote a movie about Vince Papale, Disney, Gene Hackman, and, or the cast of “Miracle” plus

Dick Vermeil and Mike Eruzione couldn't write that story. Or Example C: When the Roman philosopher Seneca said, “ Luck is what happens, when preparation, meets opportunity.”

Example A, proves example C, totally wrong, and Example B, proves Example C totally right, when the reality is, neither A, B, or C are totally true. Which is incredibly ironic, considering that answer C was my go to, my entire underachieving academic career.

The Cleveland Browns are at a crossroads, but if you're actually a Browns fans, it's more like an 8 lane cloverleaf, again.

As for Example C, was the 199th pick, a compensatory pick no less, of the 2000 draft, preparation, opportunity, or luck? I don't care how smart Bill Belichick says he is, Ms. Cleo didn't see that coming. Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger, and now Wentz prove this theory true, which is now Example D, if you're still keeping score. With the latest moves for Jarvis Landry, Tyrod Taylor and Damarious Randall, plus all those draft picks and cap room, the Browns are actually functional as a franchise. But they are they Browns, so rest assured Danny Shelton will be All-Pro in New England and probably a first ballot Hall of Famer, but they are making progress.

For the first time since 1999, and or the Bernie Kozar Era, they've got a chance, and with a little luck, a little preparation, and the opportunity...

Opportunity? Father time is undefeated, Brady's clock just hasn't started yet. Brady was never strapped with a bad roster. He was the quarterback that benefited from an opportunity to succeed. David Carr is forever jealous.

It's incredibly naive to pretend that Brady, Roethlisberger, or Wentz were the only reason for their team's success. Those guys were simply the icing on the cake, a well-built cake at that. The Browns have been trying to turn chicken s*** into chicken salad, for years.

They maybe finally, at the very least, starting to raise their own chickens. Roethlisberger is done in what, four years max? Neither Andy Dalton, nor Joe Flacco were ever really actually good, and with the draft, plus these free agent signings, the Browns could be the team to beat. The Eagles have proven that roster management is what

matters, otherwise Nick Foles doesn't win the Super Bowl MVP. Tyrod Taylor enables the Browns to build a roster, the roster is what allowed Brady to become great. This pass happy league, has taken a lot of pressure off of the quarterback. Give Taylor Saquon Barkely, and trade out of the fourth pick, and continue to spend, and the

Browns just might follow the Eagles in the new blueprint to win in the NFL. The key to success, has never been to restart every 18 months. What happens when the dog finally catches his tail, he falls over.

Carpe Diem, but wisely, responsibly, sustain-ably, and most importantly, consistently, the Browns need to pick a path and stay on it long enough to see were it actually takes them.

Joe Lodanosky is the host of “The Joe Lodanosky Show” on ESPN 1120. He’s also a host and contributor on The Pennsylvania Sports Network. “I don’t care if you think I am smart or you think I am an idiot. I just hope I make you think.” Follow him here on Twitter and check out his Facebook page.


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