Indianapolis Colts Still Have Lots to Work on

Russell S. Baxter

Indianapolis Colts Still Have Lots to Work on

By Julie Voigt

Special to Pro Football Guru

Preseason football. It is defined as a series of games (that do not count in the official standings) prior to the regular season in which these games DO matter. They are basically practice games. A scrimmage per say between two teams. Just like back in high school, if you would. To some, it’s nothing more than a warm-up drill. For others, well, there could be a roster spot on the line.

As the Colts prepare for their third summer time against head coach Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers, Frank Reich’s young team tries to pick up the pieces following a few shortcomings in a 20-19 home loss to the Baltimore Ravens. More significantly, it was quarterback Andrew Luck’s first home appearance since the final week of the 2016 season. And things could have gone a lot better.

"I think we were just sloppy a little bit. And penalties hurt and getting in some third-and-longs hurt.” explained Luck to Zak Keefer after the game (via ColtsWire). “We did not run the ball as well as we would’ve liked, and first- and second-down passing game was not as good as we would’ve liked. I don’t think it’s very complicated. Pretty simple. We’ve got some stuff to work on."

Luck also played with a few key offensive players sitting out on the sidelines like wide receiver T.Y. Hilton, left tackle Anthony Castonzo and running back Marlon Mack. This was the time to see if the rookies could step it up. But in all fairness, the experienced quarterback had seen limited playing time in Seattle and is still trying to get acclimated to a heavier work load. It’s like the adage of trying to ride a bicycle. But keeping that bike out of harm’s way is the most important factor here. And the results of the game is meaningless. And Reich also stated all of these can be worked on. That’s why they call it the preseason.

Meanwhile, all eyes were on the Colts’ new 4-3 defense. Indianapolis’ defense allowed just 266 total yards to the Ravens and totaled three sacks. Outside linebacker John Simon and and defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway each racked up a quarterback trap apiece. However, the rest of the defense was inconsistent.

As previously mentioned, the Colts will host the San Francisco 49ers this Saturday afternoon. It’s a contests in which a few injured players (safety Malik Hooker and tackle Denzelle Good) are set to make their summer debuts. All signs are aligned that things will get better and there is hope.

There are two preseason games left before the Indianapolis Colts and the other 31 NFL teams get down to their 53-man roster. Preseason. Yes, it counts. It counts in a big way to see who will make this roster and who can stay healthy. And most importantly, who can keep Luck out of harm’s way.

Julie Voigt, a former contributor for NFL Female (now OurTurf Football) is a freelance NFL writer. You can find her on Twitter (@SwhrtColtsFan13), Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.


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