NFL 2018: Arizona Cardinals’ QB Josh Rosen Will Play In…

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NFL 2018: Arizona Cardinals’ QB Josh Rosen Will Play In…

By Brandon Ray

Special to Pro Football Guru

In terms of potential, the 2018 NFL draft had arguably the best quarterback class in many years. In recent years, there has usually been a discussion over two or even three signal-callers and what order they would be selected. This past April, there were five quarterbacks (Sam Darnold, Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield and possibly Lamar Jackson) who were in the mix in terms of being first-round selections. Teams looking to fill the position could get a potential franchise guy. And when it was all said and done, there were indeed five quarterbacks chosen in the first 32 selections – including an unprecedented four going within the first 10 picks.

For a quarterback to come into the league as a rookie and become the team’s starter is very difficult. Still, we have certainly seen our share of rookie starters behind center. While this Class of 2018 has talent in different areas of their game, none of them stand out as a Week 1 starter. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t claim the starting job, but there are certainly no guarantees.

Earlier, we have looked at what to expect from Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold and Josh Allen (all of whom took the field in Week 1 of the preseason). So did Arizona Cardinals’ rookie Josh Rosen. Hence, here is the fourth of five looks at the young men who were taken in the first round in April and when to expect them to hit the field:

Josh Rosen, Arizona Cardinals

The fourth quarterback in the Top 10 was not happy about what happened on draft night. “Nine mistakes were made ahead of me,” said Rosen in an interview with NFL Network (via Marcus Grant of “And I will make sure over the next decade or so that they will know that they made a mistake.”

Rosen (6-of-13 for 41 yards in the team’s preseason opener vs. the Los Angeles Chargers) stated that there were nine mistakes taken ahead of him and that he was the fourth quarterback taken. Not to take anything away from Rosen’s abilities, but his character and attitude are a bit concerning which could have pushed away some teams.

However, the Cardinals did get a steal here with Rosen. It’s safe to say that Rosen was not expected to drop out of the Top 5. With Arizona needing a quarterback, consider this an A-plus move for the front office. The team brought in Sam Bradford through free agency. He’s a great quarterback, when healthy. But that is the problem with Bradford – he is fragile. Having not played in a full season since 2012, an unfortunate injury could come up at any point.

With this history, it’s hard to argue that Rosen will not play this season.

Prediction: Rosen plays by Week 6

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