NFL Preseason Report Cards for Every Team

Russell S. Baxter

From Bleacher Report. Check out the entire piece on this link.

So how do you go about giving out grades for all 32 NFL teams when it comes to four (or five) games that essentially don't count? this is a test12345

The focus here will not only be the performance on the field but some of the other factors that played a part since the beginning of August and how they will affect these clubs once the regular season starts.

The majority of our analysis will center on the teams' first three preseason outings, as we obviously didn't see much from the starters (with some exceptions) Thursday night. As you know, win-loss records mean little in the grand scheme of things, and our grades will reflect that.

However, we will throw out this little factoid for what it's worth: Only one time in 49 years (1982 Washington Redskins) has a team gone winless in the preseason and gone on to win the Super Bowl in the same year.

Just saying, New Orleans Saints and St. Louis Rams.


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