NFL: Super Bowl 50 Predictions (Twitter and Facebook Followers)

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Super Bowl 50 Predictions (Twitter and Facebook Followers)

As of September 10

Welcome to NFL 2015. We’ll keep it simple here. Here’s a look at submitted predictions for Super Bowl 50, both teams and the winner. Enjoy…


@BaxFootballGuru: Packers over Ravens

@TMurph207: Patriots over Cardinals

@gym431: Packers over Chiefs

‏@MikeSmithFB: Packers over Ravens

‏@brianicough: Colts over Eagles

@NFLFantasy_More: Cowboys over Colts

@DMooreNFL: Patriots over Packers

@GatorGrad929: Dolphins over Cowboys

@Mwanamatapa: Cardinals over Colts

@adamnewcomer: Eagles over Steelers

@RichardJanvrin: Ravens over Cowboys

@WillReeveJr: Broncos over Seahawks

@gemcos12: Patriots over Cardinals

@JJJJJ33333: Colts over Packers

@murrays07: Steelers over Giants

‏@Tyler_Jayce96: Packers over Steelers

‏@MrClutchAllDay5: Packers over Patriots

‏@SonnyLawrie: Broncos over Eagles

‏@VinnyHardy: Seahawks over Ravens

@Peterssports88: Patriots over Cardinals

@LUCYrk78: Packers over Colts

‏@mary_paule: Patriots over Packers

@UVharvey: Eagles over Patriots

@TomSportsInc: Ravens over Eagles

‏@FinsPost: Packers over Steelers

@Ryan_Boser: Seahawks over Colts

‏@FFRittle: Raiders over Redskins

‏@iFlopSets: Seahawks over Patriots

‏@SamSslater96: Panthers over Dolphins

@patwrightQB: Steelers over Packers

‏@MattJ_onNFL: Cardinals over Ravens

‏@freehan11: Lions over Colts

@MJMorris5477: Packers over Colts

@WakeUpCallPod: Seahawks over Colts

@Phinphan54: Dolphins over Packers

@BMeek23: Seahawks over Patriots

@ShaunMike25: Chargers over Seahawks

@stevevanhook1: Colts over Packers

@BrianRiccard33: Dolphins over Cowboys

@SupermanRob2914: Ravens over Packers

@TDerych: Vikings over Steelers

@LeeVowell: Packers over Broncos

‏@NAF_INSCriber: Seahawks over Ravens

@MiketheSaint: Packers over Steelers

@CCguyNKauf: Patriots over Packers

@kylenielsen: Chiefs over Cowboys

@BARiggs: Giants over Patriots

‏@PolishguyPod: Packers over Ravens


James Chisholm: Packers over Patriots

Kelly Garrity-Haldeman; Chargers over Cowboys

Ben Houser: Packers over Patriots

Leora Ruzin: Broncos over Packers

Nick Chester: Patriots over Packers

Sean Bodden: Patriots over eagles

Cameron R. Penn: Patriots over Eagles

James Williams: Eagles over Ravens

Vance Meek: Packers over Colts

Fred Perdue: Seahawks over Colts

Kevin Hardy: Colts over Seahawks

Dan Grayuski: Seahawks over Steelers

Gee W. Gras: Steelers over Cowboys

Paul Dube: Patriots over Packers

Andrew Robinson: Cowboys over Steelers

Fred Frantz: Eagles defeat Patriots

David Erwin: Patriots over Packers

Justin Henson: Packers over Colts

Jimmy Vasquez: Patriots over Cowboys

Birdine Louis Remaley Jr.: Eagles over Patriots

Michael Porsha Renvoize: Seahawks over Patriots

Don Schick: Colts over Eagles

Paul Swaney: Colts over Lions

Chad Setera: Bills over Vikings

Kali Cross: Cowboys over Patriots

Ashton Colpetzer: Patriots over Packers

Dave Williams: Seahawks over Colts

Dan Van Wie: Bills over Seahawks

Thomas Marsh: Seahawks over Colts


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