NFL Teams That Have the Most Work to Do Before Free Agency

Russell S. Baxter

Let’s face it: All 32 NFL teams have plenty to do before the start of the new fiscal year, as well as the beginning of free agency on March 9.

There are just some that have more to do than others.

Here we will take a look at eight franchises (in alphabetical order) that have quite the workload ahead of them. Be it re-signing their own free agents, opening up cap space or freeing up money to spend on some new talent, the following clubs have more to do than most. Such is the case with the New Orleans Saints, who roughly two weeks ago cut ties with six-time Pro Bowl guard Jahri Evans, a 10-year veteran with the franchise.

Keep in mind that when we refer to retaining players, that is based on quality and not just numbers. This simply isn’t a list of who has the most players to re-sign, as you will quickly see. And in some instances, it may be one particular side of the football that requires the most attention.

And yes, we expect the fan bases for all 32 teams to make a case as to why they should be on this list.

From Bleacher Report. Check out the entire piece on this link.


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