Ranking the NFL Playoff Chances of Current 5-5 Teams

Russell S. Baxter

From Bleacher Report. Check out the entire piece on this link.

First, a belated Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you are getting ready to enjoy this piece while you're running around doing your early Christmas shopping on Black Friday.

It's been quite the year of imbalance in the NFL. Following Thursday's results, there are still just nine teams with winning records this season.

Eight clubs sit at a convenient 5-5, with more than half of those teams (five) residing in the AFC. So how many of the eight are playoff-bound, and what are each club's chances of getting to the playoffs? We rank them No. 8 to No. 1 here based on numerous factors, including remaining opponents, health and current performance.

Keep in mind that we aren't making postseason predictions—we're just laying out which clubs we feel have the inside track when it comes to grabbing a playoff spot. We've included each club's remaining schedule for your convenience as well.


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