The Earl Thomas vs. the Seattle Seahawks Saga Continues

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The Earl Thomas vs. the Seattle Seahawks Saga Continues

By Derek Brown

Special to Pro Football Guru

This past weekend in Arizona, you could make a case that safety Earl Thomas played his last game as a member of the Seattle Seahawks. In the team’s 20-17 win, he was carted off the field against the Cardinals after suffering a “clean lower leg break with no ligament damage” (via NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport).

The season started with Thomas holding out and taking to social media to air his frustrations with the Seahawks’ organization. He went as far as to demand a new contract or to be traded to a new team. Thomas is in the last year of the $40 million extension that he signed in 2014.

Without a trade or new contract and the end of the preseason, Thomas took to Instagram to announce that he was ending his holdout but that “disrespect had been well noted and will not be forgotten.” He got off to a very strong start this year prior to the injury. But there were offers from other teams

After a very strong start to the season that showed he was still one of the premier players in the league at his position, there were other teams obviously interested in his services. One of those was the Dallas Cowboys, who reportedly offered a second-round pick for the veteran defender. And it was a team that Thomas had expressed interest in playing for (via ESPN’s Adam Schefter). However, it was an offer that the Seahawks had rejected as they were looking for two second-round picks.

Then came last Sunday, and Thomas without the extension he had been angling for and still on a team he had asked to be traded from. In the aftermath of his injury and as he was being carted off the field, Thomas let his feelings be known – directing a middle finger in the direction of the Seahawks’ sidelines.

It’s apparent that the perennial Pro Bowlers has no desire to return to the Seahawks. However, the organization still has the ability to give him the franchise tag or trade him. Recently, it was reported that the Kansas City Chiefs (via Rapoport) were in the process of clearing cap space to trade a second-round pick for him.

Obviously, this story isn’t ending anytime soon. And let’s see if the Seahawks will show a player that helped take their organization to two Super Bowls (winning one) the respect of playing for the team he chooses.

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