Jerry Kramer: Canton would be "cherry on top of the sundae"


Jerry Kramer is one of the most puzzling of Hall-of-Fame candidates.

He played on five NFL champions. He was a five-time All-Pro. He was a member of an all-decade team and the only guard named to the NFL's 50th anniversary team. Yet the same group that chose that unit -- the Hall of Fame's board of selectors -- hasn't endorsed him for Canton, and that makes no sense.

Nevertheless, Kramer, who admitted in last weekend's Talk-of-Fame radio broadcast that he at first was "angry" and "frustrated" by the snub, told Talk-of-Fame hosts Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge that he has moved beyond the emotions and is content with whatever happens next ... if, in fact, anything does ... largely because of the support he's gained from Green Bay Packers' fans.

"I got my little emotion mode pretty tippy there early on, and my lip was out," he said, "and (I said) 'By God, if they put me in, I'm going to tell them to stick it. I'm angry, I'm frustrated and embarrassed a little bit that I'm not making it.'

"(But) as the years go by, the fans in Green Bay are so sensational and so loving and so wonderful to be around, and they keep giving me honors ... and now it's curiosity more than anger or frustration. It's (like I'm) going: I wonder what the hell is going on? I wonder why, If they're giving me these honors and they make me the only guard on the first 50th year team and the two backups are both in the Hall ... I keep wondering if it's something I did or something I said.

"The game has been wonderful to me; it's been an incredible experience, a big part of my life. My God, my family and the Green Bay Packers. It would be the cherry on top of the sundae, no question about that. It's a wonderful honor and would be a wonderful thing and would be a living thing beyond your life and your time. But if it doesn't happen, the game has been just wonderful to Jerry Kramer."


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