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"Mean'' Joe Greene, perhaps the greatest defensive tackle in pro football history, may have mellowed at the age of 67 but he hasn't forgotten. Most of all he hasn't forgotten how he approached things as the Hall of Fame leader of the "Steel Curtain'' defense that anchored Pittsburgh's dynasty of the 1970s and how much it differs from the way the game is played today.

"To say I had a short fuse on the football field, that would be an understatement for sure,'' Greene tells Talk of Fame Network this weekend. "The desire was always to win and often times I would go beyond the call of duty to do that."

Greene joins two-time All-Decade tackle Gary Zimmerman, one of only four Denver Broncos to reach the Hall of Fame, and author Gary Pomerantz on this weekend's Talk of Fame Radio show. They're in the huddle with Hall of Fame voters and show hosts Rick Gosselin, Clark Judge and Ron Borges on a two-hour exploration of the week's watershed moment for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and give Hall of Fame looks at the past and the present.

Borges takes a hard-edged view of the domestic violence issues presently roiling the NFL that led to suspensions for Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Greg Hardy and Jonathan Dwyer in his weekly "Borges or Bogus'' segment, leaving little doubt how he views a disturbing moment for the league.

"What the NFL looks like is an organization indifferent to family violence, blinded by money, and responsive only to the demands of those who have it,'' Borges says.

In addition, there's Gosselin's "Dr. Data'' segment breaking down the growing youth movement in the NFL and how it affected this year's college draftees, a debate over the Hall of Fame future (or not) of Steelers' quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, the weekly "Two-Minute Drill,'' in which the guys touch upon an array of issues and an interview with Pomerantz, whose book "Their Life's Work'' is considered the definitive picture of the Steelers' dynasty Greene was so much a part of.

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