Keeping up with the apparel of the 1970-75 Los Angeles Rams


(Todd Gurley, Deacon Jones photos courtesy of L.A. Rams)

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It’s not just locations that the Rams keep changing. It’s uniforms, too.

At least they did when they were last in Los Angeles. In fact, they changed so much so that the Pro Football Journal’s John Turney took a look at how the Rams of the 1970s transformed themselves – not so much on the field as in the dressing room. He looks at the many uniforms the Rams tried on and tried out from 1970-75, with the emphasis on 1972 and beyond under then-new owner Carroll Rosenbloom.

At the time, the Rams were L.A.'s only pro football team. A decade later, they would be joined by the Raiders. And a decade after that both would vacate the nation's second-largest market -- with the Raiders returning to Oakland and the Rams moving to St. Louis.

Now, of course, the Rams are back … and you have to wonder if a new uniform is, too. After all, when the Rams were last in L.A. they proved that change was good, as John Turney explains in his in-depth look at the franchise's wardrobe alterations of the 1970s:


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