Kraft talks futures of Thursday Night Football, Raiders and Bolts

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With rumors swirling that the NFL is considering shutting down Thursday Night Football and ending the early morning kickoff for the games played each year in England, the Talk of Fame Network went to one of the most powerful owners in the sport to sort it all out.

New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft is an influential member of the NFL broadcasting committee, and while he pointed out that NFL football remains the ratings leader in any time slot it holds this season, vigilance about overexposure is important.

“We’re very sensitive to saturation,’’ Kraft admitted on the latest Talk of Fame Network broadcast. “We’re still beating all programming (in their prime time slots). But it’s something we have to look at. It’s a very legitimate question.’’

So were the ones our Hall-of-Fame Guys – Ron Borges, Rick Gosselin and Clark Judge – peppered Kraft with about the futures of the Oakland Raiders in Las Vegas and San Diego Chargers in L.A., as well as what he considers the most challenging issues facing the NFL. In a shocker, Kraft also argued that his quarterback, Tom Brady, is the best to ever play the game.

Former Baltimore Colts’ All-Pro linebacker Mike Curtis also dropped in to reminisce about his Super Bowl V winning Colts team and whether that victory erased the sting of losing Super Bowl III to the New York Jets. It didn’t.

“What it did was make us understand the seriousness of the game,’’ Curtis recalled. “Playing the Jets and the AFL ... it wasn’t as intense. If we had played Green Bay (in Super Bowl III) we would have been much more competitive, put it that way.’’

Many have long wondered why Curtis has not been a Hall-of-Fame finalist, and count Curtis among them. The reason, he thinks, probably goes back to that shocking upset in Super Bowl III.

“I think I’d be a lot closer,’’ Curtis said frankly. “Our team that lost was better than the one that won.’’

Curtis also discusses the era of great middle linebackers he was part of and reveals why it was Gale Sayers, not Jim Brown, was the best running back he ever faced.

San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick was in the news this week, praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro for his literacy program on the eve of his death. That resulted in a testy conversation between Kaepernick and long-time Miami Herald columnist and Hall-of-Fame voter Armando Salguero during a conference call before the 49ers came to Miami to play the Dolphins.

Salguero visits the Talk of Fame Network to explain his reaction as a Cuban exile who was separated for three years from his father due to Castro’s iron-fisted oppression. It can be best summed up by his reaction to Dolphins’ fans booing Kaepernick lustily when he came onto the field.

“There was a thunderous round of boos,’’ Salguero said. “They understood it’s not okay to be okay with Fidel Castro.’’

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