Alabama Coach Nick Saban Has Agitated Response to Injury-Concern Question

Saban: "I don’t even know why you’d ask the question.”

After it was confirmed that Alabamas backup linebacker Chris Allen will be lost for the season because of a serious knee injury, coach Nick Saban became perturbed Saturday when asked about his level of concern about that injury and others.

Offensive tackle Matt Womack, who underwent surgery Friday after reinjuring his foot, will also miss four to six weeks.

Ive been concerned all along, Saban said to a reporter. So, I dont even know why youd ask the question.

Saban then did not hold back.

Because you all dont (care), you just think we just, whatever happens, we just s another player and everything is going to be perfect. All of our fans think that. You all think that. Thats what you write about. Thats the message you send out there.

Alabama does have a high level of talent to draw from. Sabans recruiting classes were ranked No. 1 for seven consecutive years (2011 to 2017) by The Crimson Tide have not been lower than No. 5 in Sabans 10 years as Alabamas head coach.

His present 2019 recruiting class is already ranked No. 2 behind Georgia.

Saban has a history of getting salty with the media. With the season not yet underway, it should be another interesting year as far as that is concerned in Tuscaloosa, Ala.