Greatest Hits: Odell Beckham Jr's 13 Most Memorable Moments So Far

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

As he prepares to begin a new chapter in his NFL career, let's recap OBJ's most unforgettable moments to date ...

1.October 5, 2014: Welcome to the NFL, Rookie

After being drafted 12th overall by the New York Giants, Beckham sat out the first four games of the 2014 season with a tweaked hamstring.

He eventually made his debut in week 5 at home against the Atlanta Falcons, catching four passes for 44 yards, and caught the game-winning touchdown with 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter.

2.November 24, 2014: The Catch

Its the moment that has defined Beckhams career to this point. On the first play of the second quarter against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, quarterback Eli Manning threw a deep pass to Beckham down the near sideline.

Beckham then went on to make one of the greatest catches in NFL history, a one-handed, leaping snag of the ball that left many astonished by his amazing athleticism.

"The Catch" as it became known, nearly broke the internet, and propelled Beckham into a whole other stratosphere of super-stardom that he is still part of to this day.

Beckhams game-worn jersey from that night is now on display in Canton at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

3.The 2014 offensive rookie of the year award goes to

Former Rutgers quarterback Tom Savage!

No, just kidding. It went to Beckham, who despite missing four games, finished the 2014 season with 91 receptions, 1,305 receiving yards, and 12 touchdowns.

Each of those marks set new records for a Giants rookie.

4.December 21, 2015: Odell's Kryptonite

During his rookie season, most notably in a game against the then St. Louis Rams, NFL defenses discovered a way to potentially neutralize Beckham: Get under his skin and try to annoy the living hell out of him.

In week 15 of the 2015 season, Josh Norman and the Panthers did exactly that.

Carolina allegedly used a baseball bat during pregame warmups and an onslaught of on the field trash talk to provoke Beckham.

For his part Mr. Beckham took the cheese as he acknowledged in his media session this week, and the rest was unfortunate history.

Beckham wasnt ejected despite losing his cool several times with Norman, but he did pick up three personal fouls to Normans one in a game that the Giants trailed 35-7 before using a furious comeback and a game-tying touchdown by Beckham to even the score at 35.

The Panthers did, however, end up winning the game on a last-second field goal, 38-35 and Beckham went on to earn himself a one-game suspension from the league.

In the week following the game, Beckhams coach at the time, Tom Coughlin acknowledged his receiver had misbehaved, but also added, To depict this as Odell Beckham being wrong, and the only one whos wrong, is not right, its not fair, its not justice, and its not the way it was.

"If youre naive enough to think that way, then youd better do some soul-searching yourself.

5.September 25, 2016 / October 9, 2016: The kicking net capers

In his first rematch with Josh Norman, who had signed with Washington, Beckham became a little too emotional on the sidelines after an Eli Manning interception.

He launched his helmet at the kicking net in frustration, but the kicking net fought back, hitting Beckham in the face.

From that spat came a rather odd resolution. Two weeks later when Beckham caught a fourth quarter pass from Manning for a touchdown, he ran over to the kicking net and made things right by becoming, shall we say, a little too amorous.

6.October 16, 2016: To the house, for the win (Pt. 1)

With his team struggling through a three-game losing streak and in desperate need of a win against the Ravens, Beckham delivered.

He finished the game with a career best 222 receiving yards to go along with two touchdowns.

One of those touchdowns came on a 4th-and-1 with 1:24 left in the game. Manning fired a dart to Beckham on a slant route who took it 66 yards to the house.

Ballgame over.

If the win wasn't enough reason to celebrate, Beckham made it official with the kicking net, dropping to one knee to "propose" to the net.

Sadly, the relationship didn't last, though it's been reported that the two parted amicably.

7.December 11, 2016: To the house, for the win (Pt. 2)

The Giants offense was struggling during a Sunday night game against their division rival.

The Cowboys had only lost one game all season (to the Giants on opening day) and were poised to put a strangle-hold on the NFC East and home-field advantage throughout the playoffs with a win.

But Beckham had other ideas

On a play that mirrored his week 6 game-winner against the Ravens, Beckham ran a slant route over the middle, caught the pass from Manning, and Usain? (Yes, Im sayin) BOLT-ED past the secondary on his way to a 61-yard game-winning touchdown.

Ballgame over. Again.

8.December 22, 2016: The 4K run

The Giants were looking sharp in their all-white color rush uniforms on a Thursday night in Philadelphia--that is until Beckham, thanks to his 150 receiving yards that left clouds of dust all over the Lincoln Financial Field, became the fastest player in NFL history to reach 4,000 career receiving yards.

9.January 17, 2017: NFC Wild Card Round

In Beckhams first and only playoff game thus far, both he and the Giants came up way short against the Packers, 38-13.

Leading up to the game, the big story was not the game itself nor the Giants return to the playoffs for the first time since the 2011 season, but rather the "how dare they?" decision made by Beckham and his fellow receivers to jet down to Miami on a day off.

Whether that affected his performance against the Packers is anybodys guess, but critics will point to the fact that Beckham did not play particularly well on the bigger stage.

He dropped some passes en route to finishing the game with four receptions for just 28 yards.

After the game, a frustrated Beckham reportedly punched a hole in the wall outside the visitor's locker room.

No word if Beckham, who thanks to his kicking net escapades, sent the wall flowers to apologize for losing his cool.

10.July 27, 2017: Reaching for the stars

In a video for Uninterrupted, Beckham, who was still on his rookie contract at the time, declared that he didnt just want to be the highest paid wide receiver, but the highest paid. Period.

Perhaps it was just a negotiation tactic--ask for more than you expect to get what you really want. Nonetheless the issue has been settled and Beckham, although he is not the highest paid player "period" can, for the time being, lay claim to being the highest paid receiver in the game.

11.September 24, 2017: Dog Day Afternoon

In Week 3 of last season, Beckham became the fastest player in NFL history to reach 300 receptions. He only needed 45 games to break former Cardinals receiver Anquan Boldins previous record of 300 receptions in 47 games.

Beckham celebrated his first of two touchdowns against the Eagles by mimicking a dog urinating in the end zone.

That act did't sit well at all with team ownership. In the days following, co-owner John Mara brought Beckham into his office for a heart-to-heart, asking the still maturing receiver if that was the visual that he wanted Giants fans to remember his legacy?

Message received, as Beckham would go on to tone it down.

12.October 18, 2017: The Bad Break

There are good breaks and then there are very, very bad ones.

For Beckham, who took the field for the Giants Week 5 game against the Chargers, he fell victim to the latter as his left ankle, already tender thanks to a preseason injury, took a hit and broke.

Beckham was in tears as he was carted off the field. The Giants, already on a four-game losing streak entering that game, went on to lose their fifth straight.

Game over. Season over.

The good news is Beckham made a full recovery from that devastating injury, noting that the experience put a lot of things into perspective for him.

After you see everything flash in front of you, your whole career, youre thinking about everything. Will you ever get back to where you were at? Will you ever be the same? You have a different perspective on life, he said.

I remember the first time being able to get out that boot and just walk, and just being thankful for those moments. I was crawling up steps.

I dont wanna say Im a different person, but I have a different outlook and perspective on things. Ive had a lot happen where you have to take that, learn, and you grow from it.

So far, he seems to have grown from what was without question one of the darkest days of his career.

13.August 27, 2018: "Money, Money, Money, Money


Beckham and his fellow wide-receivers, led by Sterling Shepard, shared a video of the group celebrating Beckhams new record-breaking five-year contract, worth up to $95 million.

That deal, a reward in part for his on-field prowess and for his willingness to trust the front office to work with him to adjust his pay rate, made Beckham the highest paid wide-receiver in the NFL.

With Beckham now in the fold through 2023, here's hoping that there will be many more memorable moments--a playoff win or two would be awesome--that will become part of his legacy.