Training Camp Roster Preview: Spencer Pulley

Here's what you need to know about center Spencer Pulley.


Spencer Pulley was picked up off of waivers early and didn’t get onto the field with the Giants until Week 3. He then got snaps in Week 4 as a blocking tight end, and eventually took over the starting reins at center in Week 7. He missed Week 15 with an ankle injury but returned to the lineup in Week 16 to finish the season.

Pulley is a smart, alert player, but struggled to control people one-on-one. Double-teams help him gain the edge, but he invariably loses it once the double leaves.

His decision-making while pass-blocking wasn’t always the best, especially when confronted with stunts. He can move a little in the open field, and he’s got ideal height for the position, but he lacks bulk and striking ability.

Looking Ahead

Pulley signed a three-year contract to remain with the Giants, yet he's set to compete with Jon Halapio for the job. The coaches have continued to talk up Halapio fin this competition, but we can't imagine that the Giants would dish out a multimillion-dollar contract to a player who this year has a $2,593,750 cap hit that they're planning to sit on the bench.

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The battle at center is probably one of the most underrated ones of training camp, wouldn't you say?