Justin Herbert can make a statement with a good performance against the Cardinal

Herbert, who's in need of a signature win, has his opportunity this weekend

Draft Slant

-- Justin Herbert, QB: He’s in the running for the top overall pick in the upcoming draft but he hasn’t done anything yet to really separate himself from his quarterback counterparts.

Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer wrote “Not a banner Saturday for the top quarterback prospects, as Oregon’s Justin Herbert and Auburn’s Jarrett Stidham threw multiple picks, and Missouri’s Drew Lock was up-and-down in a win. Scouts have been waiting for someone to emerge from the group, and it hasn’t quite happened yet. It’s worth mentioning: Those who’ve been through Eugene on school calls have left very impressed with Herbert.”

He’s been impressive on the year with 12 touchdowns passes to seven different receivers, showing an ability to control the game, throw receivers open and not latch on to his first or second option.

Look at these highlights from Herbert's season.

In the first clip, Herbert's abilities are on full display — from his mobility to his accuracy, showing that he's capable of making every play needed

In this clip, you'll find one of the best throws of Herbert's career. He makes an NFL type of play by threading the needle with the ball to a streaking Jaylon Redd for the touchdown on fourth down.

But, Herbert does have four interceptions on the season, three of which are strictly because he’s forced the ball into tight or unneeded situations. Stanford’s defense has forced a turnover in 13 straight games and recorded an interception in 11 of its last 14 so ball security is a must.

Hebert has all the physical traits, standing 6-foot-6, 233 pounds, possessing a rocket for an arm and above average athleticism. But the question remains is how Herbert does against an NFL-esque defense — one that will disguise looks, throw multiple defenses at him and have the athleticism to take advantage of his inaccurate throws?

This is Herbert’s big chance to show NFL scouts and the rest of the college football that all the hype coming out of Eugene is real.