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Rodgers: ‘We haven’t made enough plays this year’

QB Aaron Rodgers spoke with the media after the loss to the Chicago Bears.

Q. Did you hurt your leg right at the end of the first half there?

AARON RODGERS: Yeah, my groin just tightened up a little bit. I was trying to stretch it out throughout the game.

Q. Did it bother you in the second half?

AARON RODGERS: Yeah, it bothered me a little bit.

Q. How much different is the Bears defense than what you saw opening week at your place?

AARON RODGERS: Not much different. I mean, they were a great defense then. We just executed a little bit better there in the second half in week one.

I don't know, looks the same. Looks like Roquan is playing more. Obviously he's a really good player. Eddie has had a really good year. Akiem, really nice year.

But, no, they're top to bottom, 1 to 11. The next four or five are all really talented players.

Q. Having watched you all these years, seeing all your throws right on the money, and this year it seems like you've missed more throws than in the past. Does it feel that way to you? If so, what do you think might be the factors there?

AARON RODGERS: Just not being on the same page with the guys we're throwing to.

Q. You don't think you missed throws?

AARON RODGERS: There's missed throws, for sure. But, you know, some of the ones you probably think are missed throws maybe we are just not on the same page.

Q. The potential touchdown to EQ, is that one of those? Was that a throw you missed?

AARON RODGERS: I missed it. I missed that one a little inside, I think. He was keeping an angle pretty high. But I don't think it was a bad route, it was a bad throw.

Q. You haven't had a lot of 'meaningless' games since '08. How do you go on from there?

AARON RODGERS: You just play. You know, we're paid to play this game, prepare. You set different goals obviously because playoffs aren't happening. I think a good one is we can probably get our first road win of the year.

Q. What did the interception mean to you now that it's over, 400 some passes? How tough is it for that to go on a tipped ball?

AARON RODGERS: That's part of the game. I've had two interceptions in however many attempts. I feel pretty good about the way I've taken care of the football this season.

We just haven't made enough big plays over the year. That's why the completion percentage is what it is, the yards-per-attempt is what it is, the touchdowns are where they're at. That stuff is disappointing.

I've had interception streaks in the past. I've had a long one at home .500 plus. Hopefully I'll start a new one.

Q. Talking about timing and timing routes. You didn't get a whole lot of time, awfully quick, they forced you.

AARON RODGERS: Yeah, they had a good rush. We're playing some young guys. I thought they battled, especially Lucas. Seemed like he was mixed up with Hicks almost every other third down. He battled hard. So did Jason.

But, you know, Day was banged up at one point, Corey banged up. They all battled. Really proud of them. Good defense. Really good front. Crowd was loud. They had a nice plan for us.

Q. What do you think has to happen to move ahead? Is that strictly a talent thing?

AARON RODGERS: I mean, I think it's close. When Randall is healthy, I think our offense has been different because we have a true slot guy who can make plays in the slot consistently. But he's missed a lot of games this year. Got banged up today late. A slot guy like that who legitimately can get open time after time, he's what we need.

Obviously, I feel good about our young guys, our tight end situation moving forward. I think we got obviously a supreme talent in Davante.

Q. You got it to 14-14. You had a stretch where almost everything went wrong offense, defense, special teams.

AARON RODGERS: Yeah, I mean, there's two disappointing, specially disappointing parts of the game. I think the end of the first half, we have an opportunity to get a first down, keep them off the field, keep the clock going, get in our two-minute mode. Couldn't convert on a third-and-three.

The drive after they fumble, we have the ball, a couple chances. I started probably the wrong side ultimately on the second down play. (Indiscernible) ran a nice route on the left side. That's kind of a guessing game sometimes. When you have concepts, you can kind of pick a side. I was picking Davante. If I pick Randall's side, he's open on the slant for a big one.

Third down, I just missed Marquez for a couple yards. That's a disappointing sequence there obviously to end the first half.

Q. (Question about losing Aaron Jones.)

AARON RODGERS: He was a big part of the plan with some of the stuff out of the backfield. Obviously, the runs he does well. I'm proud of Jamaal. Ran the ball well. Really good in the pass game pickup. Did some nice things for us. We always have confidence in Jamaal. He's a fantastic, fantastic player, good teammate.

But Jones has been a big part of what we're doing, especially the last seven or eight weeks. It was disappointing he got hurt early.

Q. How do you process being eliminated from the playoffs? Not where this team has been for so long.

AARON RODGERS: Yeah, last year was obviously a tough year with the injury. This year with a lot of promise early on, it's definitely disappointing, for sure. The expectations is competing for championships. It's a good football team.

But like I told some of the guys, I look forward to the battles over the years. I like our chances in this division moving forward.

Obviously, there will be some changes in the offseason. We'll finish this year out the right way. We'll look to the future, which I think is still really bright in Green Bay.

Q. What is it like going year after year now, all the guys you came in are gone, maybe you're seeing what Favre went through. What is that like?

AARON RODGERS: It's actually what I told Favre when I was talking to him in the offseason. I understand a little bit more what it was like for him to be 36, 37 in the locker room, feel closer to the trainers and some of the equipment guys because all the guys you kind of grew up playing with are gone.

That's been the case. I think you have to dedicate yourself to getting to know your teammates, spending time with them, being intentional about getting to know them, what they're all about, how important team chemistry is.

Obviously not having Jordy around, it's been different. But Randall and I have been close for years. I always love hanging with the offensive linemen, Davante.

We have a young group of guys, but that's not going to change as long as I'm still here. It's like the movie: I get older, they stay the same age. New guys.

What movie is that with McConaughey? Dazed and Confused, thank you.

Q. Where is Khalil Mack at this point in his career?

AARON RODGERS: Yeah, I mean, he's disruptive, for sure. We've played some good ones over the year. Jared Allen obviously had a great run for a number of years. Ziggy, Vanden Bosch, Fairley in Detroit. Pep was here for a long time. He was a force to be reckoned with.

He's the kind of player, just like Aaron Donald when you play in L.A., you have to figure out where he's at every play. Like they have in L.A., as well, you're pairing him with Floyd, who is a legitimate pass rusher, Eddie who has had a great season, Akiem, who is very disruptive. It's a tough front.

Q. With some of the missed connections on things with the offense, what do you think it is about the group that it hasn't come together over the course of almost a full season?

AARON RODGERS: Details. I mean, I'd love to give you a longer answer than that. It's really the issue.

Q. Is that a problem?

AARON RODGERS: I mean, it's a reoccurring issue, so...

Q. (No microphone.)

AARON RODGERS: Yeah, probably (smiling).

Look, I mean, nobody has talked to me about it. I want to play, though. I'm expecting to start and play. 2005 I remember Favre came in late in the season and said, Well, you're probably going to get a chance to play here. Didn't happen.

Brett was 36, I think, at the time. I'd like to be out there, lead us the last two weeks.