Eric Reid Uses LSU Locker Rooms as Catalyst for Controversial Debate

Eric Reid has strong feelings about LSU's recent locker room renovations.

Controversy and college football have went hand-in-hand for decades now. One of the biggest questions in sports -- is whether or not college athletes should get paid.

The NCAA brings in nearly $8 billion a year, and none of the money goes directly to the players that bring the talent. Instead, they're compensated with scholarships and conveniences throughout their college experience.

One school that brings in a ton of money is LSU, with an estimated annual profit of $56 million. With this money, they have put a decent chunk into their locker rooms. LSU's locker rooms look like something out of a movie, and Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid took note of it.

Reid played college ball at LSU seven years ago, and claimed that they're locker rooms were better than the current Panthers locker room. He also took issue with the fact that LSU renovated them -- because that money could've gone elsewhere. In Reid's mind, that money should've went towards scholarships.

Reid's post on Twitter brought in some outside opinions -- and he happily responded.

Reid's problem with their lockers rooms isn't an unpopular opinion -- and it will be heavily debated, regardless of the ultimate outcome.

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28 million on locker rooms... that does seem a bit pricey.