3 of top-10 most watched sporting events in 2019 so far involved Patriots

Who say the Patriots aren't America's team? The ratings say otherwise.

The three postseason games that the New England Patriots were part of in 2019 made their way into the top-10 most-watched sporting events in 2019 (so far), according to Sports Media Watch.  

Super Bowl LIII vs. the Rams (no. 1), the AFC Championship game vs. the Chiefs (no. 2) and the AFC Divisional Round vs. the Chargers (no. 8) all made the list. 

The Super Bowl ratings are understandable, seeing that it is the most popular sporting event any given year. Playing the Chiefs in the AFCCG was one of the better playoff games we have seen in the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick, who played against the MVP, Patrick Mahomes. That game was down to the wire and surely had everyone refusing to change the channel. 

The AFC Divisional Round against the Chargers was a blowout, but because of the popularity of the sport, especially come playoff time, that game crept its way into the top-10. 

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Alex Valles
Alex Valles

Honestly surprised that Chiefs vs Rams on MNF wasn't higher