Aaron Donald Wants a Super Bowl Ring — Now is His Chance to Get One

Aaron Donald made good on his lucrative contract in 2018 to take LA to the Super Bowl, but now he's angry after falling just short of victory.

Aaron Donald is arguably the best player in all of the NFL. When his career is said and done, he just hopes that alone is not his crowning achievement. 

After falling to the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl last February, Donald says he is not disheartened, but rather more motivated than ever. The 2019 season can't come soon enough for the perennial MVP candidate. 

“If anything, it just motivated me more, that’s what I want, that’s what I needed, a ring on my finger,” he said, via CBSLA. “To be that close, to be there and fall short just pushes you to work a little harder.”

Ahead of the 2018 season, Donald signed a lucrative six-year extension with the Los Angeles Rams, worth $135 million with $87M guaranteed. He proved to be worth that chunk of change by leading a dominant Rams defense to an NFC Championship win and the franchise's first Super Bowl appearance since 2001 in St. Louis.

A 13-3 loss on the biggest stage, though, does not mean that LA has missed its window. Donald thinks that his team is still as talented as ever, and now they have an extra drive to try and reach the promised land. 

“We got the mindset, we know what we need to do, what we wanna do, we got the talent here, we got the coaches,” said Donald. “Going through how we did last year, just the success we had, the ups and the downs, I think it’s gonna make us just that much of a better team.”

If Donald and the Rams are able to keep rolling over much of the NFC, there's a good chance they have another opportunity to get Donald the ring he deserves. His hand is just too big not to have one.