Goff: "There’s a lot of good things that came out of this season"

Jared Goff talks the Rams season, thanks fans and is optimistic of the future.

(Opening remarks)

"Just wanted to say thank you to all the fans this year and everyone that supported us – everyone in L.A., all the fans we grew with, all the people that became Rams fans out here in L.A. Seeing it grow from my first year until now is truly incredible. Want to thank (Owner/Chairman) Mr. (E. Stanley) Kroenke as well for everything he did these past few weeks, making our experience so first class and all the efforts he put in to everything. I know he's still working on that stadium and how beautiful that's going to be. Just want to thank him for everything and thank you all. It's been a great year and a lot of fun and open for questions."

(On if the loss has turned from disappointment to motivation yet or if he's still processing the game)

"Yeah, I think still processing, for sure. I think yesterday was hard and today, it's been a little bit easier. As time goes on, I'm sure it'll get easier. But, it definitely stings. It's hard and you can't really ever get over it, maybe? It'll be tough, but it'll be definitely something that will motivate us and something that we will use. It's hard saying this when we know had we had won right now, we'd probably in the parade and how fun that would be and how many different things that go along with winning the Super Bowl. So, it's hard to put that in perspective, really. There's a lot of good things that came out of this season and have good health and lot of good things outside of football are going well, so you try to keep your head up and see the big picture."

(On if he has watched the game)

"Yeah, I watched it this morning, yeah."

(On if he has any reaction)

"Yeah, same thing I said after the game. Honestly, it was a lot of missed opportunities and a game where I wish I would've played better. I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that. But, myself in particular, I wish I would've done my part better and I can promise next time, if we get that opportunity, I will. It's just part of learning and part of growing and getting older and experience."

(On if there is anything that he was able to see on the replay when watching the game that he couldn't see in real time)

"No, not really. I can't really point to anything in particular. I think they did a great job defensively - scheming us and coming up with a plan and implementing it tremendously. I don't think that's a surprise to anybody. I think that's what they've been for the past 15-20 years and it's why they're so good and why they've won so much. Unfortunately, we were on the other end of it."

(On if there was anything about the stage of playing in the Super Bowl that made him change how he warmed up or went into the game mentally)

"No. Nothing changed within my process at all. Really, I honestly expected it to change more than it did. There was nothing, it was totally the same. Just a game that didn't go our way and a game where we struggled to find our rhythm offensively. Again, I think the part that makes me the most sick about it, is that our defense played so well. You say, 'You're going to be in the Super Bowl and how your defense is going to hold the New England Patriots to 13 points and you guys aren't going to win.' It's like, how? That's the part that you kind of keep replaying in your mind, is how that can even happen. Again, it's a testament to their team and how good they are defensively and how well of a job they did. It's something, again, that we'll learn from. Something that will sting for now, but we'll learn from and move forward. I know myself and a couple leaders on this team will use it as motivation and something that we can build from."

(On if he will take any time off after a long season)

"Yeah, I'll take some time off. I haven't really decided vacation-wise what I want to do yet, but I'll go somewhere, I'm sure, and relax and chill out and not think about football. The next few weeks, for sure, will be pretty relaxed. I haven't really decided what I want to do yet though."

(On if there is any other insight he can offer as to why RB Todd Gurley II wasn't able to get going)

"Same thing. No, he's a player just like every one of us. For whatever reason, it wasn't as good as I'm sure he wanted to be. I know he's hard on himself, but we love him. In my opinion, (he's) the best running back in the league. Excited to see him move forward and continue his career. He's a great player, great teammate and a guy I love. He's going to do great."

(On why he thought the running game had trouble getting going at the end of the year)

"Again, they did a good job, man. They did a good job playing defense. I'll say what I said again – they've been so good for so long for that reason, that they're able to stop offenses and a good offense like us. We're one of the top offenses in the league and we're held to three points. It's crazy that they were able to do that, but they were. Not only did they do their part in that, but we did our part. We didn't play very well. We didn't execute and that's what it comes down to."

(On what else he can take from this experience besides motivation for next season)

"There's some X’s and O’s stuff that you for sure can look at throughout the game, but I think just understanding that – seeing the big picture and knowing how far we've come since the team moved out here. Going to the Super Bowl and having the high expectation for ourselves of winning it, but coming up short and still being like, 'Okay, we've come so far. We can do this.' We have the right guys in place. We have the right coaches in place and the right players. By no means will anything we did this season help us next year – that's number one, we have to understand. But we do have a lot of the same guys coming back and can start over that culture-building process and that feeling of winning, the feeling of doing the right thing every day and being the right people. All that going together will hopefully help us moving forward into next season."

(On if he feels like the team will be better prepared for another Super Bowl opportunity now having gone through it once)

"Yeah, I think so. I think there's definitely stuff that goes along with it. Again, it's big moments. It's playing in big games. The more you can do that, the better off you are. (RB) C.J. (Anderson) has done it a bunch and C.J. has good insight on that. It's good to hear him say that. I don't think the game was by any means too big for us – we've played in big games. Just didn't execute. I think there will be some things that if you go through that week – those two weeks – you can in hindsight, 'What would I rather have done?' There's probably not much, but there's some little things that you probably could tweak."

(On watching the film and if there was anything he saw the Patriots implement that he thinks they tried to emulate from other defenses they've played this year)

"Yes and no. They probably took some stuff from the games we struggled in. Probably some Chicago stuff and other games, but they played different than what they showed on film. But at the same time, they did stuff that they did show on film too. Like I said after the game, that's every game and that's the NFL and that's what makes them so good – is that they're able to be so different every game and still be executing at a high level. For us, we weren't able to adjust quickly enough and again, they did a good job."

(On former Rams QB Coach Zac Taylor heading to Cincinnati, him having his fourth quarterbacks coach in four seasons and if that's a challenge)

"I don't think so. I think over the last two years it's been fun seeing now (Packers Head Coach) Matt (LaFleur) and (Raiders Offensive Coordinator Greg Olson) Coach Olson and now (former Rams QB Coach) Zac (Taylor), being promoted after working with us. You know, me and (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) have such a good relationship and I think that's really where it stands is with me and Sean, and I need to continue to build that relationship with him and us working together will be the most important thing moving forward. But getting a guy in there who's good and knows how to communicate will be great, but I'm so happy for Zac and his whole family and I'm excited to see him do his thing. And again, I'm excited to see Matt do his thing as well."

(On if he knows who the new quarterbacks coach will be)

"Ours? I don't, no."

(On the possibility of T Andrew Whitworth retiring and G Rodger Saffold III's becoming a free agent and if there's anything he has to say regarding the continuity of that moving forward)

"Yeah, I would love to have them both back. They're both tremendous players. Guys that have been huge for us up front, leadership every day in meetings, everything, they've been so big for us. So yeah, I would love to have them both back. I know there's some stuff that needs to be worked out and I know they'll both have to go through some things, but yeah, would love to have them both."

(On what the Bengals are getting from having Taylor as a head coach)

"I think they're getting a tremendous communicator and a guy that understands where the league is going and where offenses are going. I think playing quarterback, the position, he has that unique insight that I think can be good for any quarterback. But I think (Bengals Quarterback) Andy's (Dalton) got to be excited and I hope he is with what he's getting because I think Zac's going to bring an exciting offense and just accountability and leadership. The type of culture that I think he'll bring will be great."