Jay Gruden: "I Think These Guys Played Hard"

Jay Gruden Postgame Press Conference vs Eagles

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden speaks to the media following the 24-0 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles at FedExField.

On injuries:

"No real injury news. Tony Bergstrom just reaggravated his knee."

On the shutout:

"First half was first down issues. The first play of the game we threw a pick, second drive we had a holding call on first down, third drive we lost five yards on a run, fourth drive we lost two yards on a run. As I mentioned before, if you get second-and-long and third down and long against that defensive line, it’s going to be a long afternoon for you.”

On 2019:

“No, we were just trying to win this game. I know there’s been talk. I think these guys played hard. I think offensively we just couldn’t get anything going. Hats off to the Eagles defense – Coach Schwartz. Obviously, their staff did a much better job but overall I think our guys played hard. They came here to win a game and we just couldn’t get it done. I have nothing to say about 2019 right now."

On his thoughts of the 2018 season:

"Well it’s over, we know that. We put a lot of work in and we hate to see it end like this. Twelve teams advance, twenty go home and we’re one of the twenty. In order to get past the hump, we have to do a lot of things better. Obviously penalties number one, and then obviously there’s some issues injury-wise we can’t control. But we have to overcome those and overcome adversity a little better. We have a good nucleus of players moving forward and we’ll just go from there."

On what the next 48 hours looks like:

"I don’t know. We have a team meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. After that, I’ll wait and see how things schedule up tomorrow. It all comes to an end pretty quickly. You’re sad to see it end. A lot of these players are going their separate ways with free agency and all that stuff but want to get a chance to see them before they leave at 10 a.m. tomorrow. We’ll figure out everything else from there."

On how difficult it has been since QB Alex Smith's injury:

"Alex hurt aside, it's not just Alex. Colt was ready to go. He was hurt the first quarter of the Philly game and obviously the guard and tight end issues now. It’s still no excuse for us. We should have been a little better today. It’s been difficult. You try to build a game plan on Wednesday and you find out on Thursday the tight ends not going or on Friday somebody else can’t go. It’s been difficult, but it's something we have to overcome and do a better job of."

On where he thinks they are in the division right now:

"I know we’re close. We’re as good as any team we’ve played this year in my opinion. Obviously, tonight we didn’t, or today, we didn’t show it. We have the ability to be as good as anybody we’ve played without a doubt. We’ll go toe-to-toe with anybody. We just haven’t closed out very well. The injuries take place and it makes it much more difficult to block Fletcher Cox and those guys on the inside. Josh Johnson playing the toughest position in all of sports – who's been here for four weeks trying to get a game plan together. It’s been difficult, but I do feel like the nucleus of this roster is good enough to compete against anybody when healthy."

On the stadium having a lot of visiting fans:

"Well, it’s disappointing for sure because it's my job to make sure the fans come here and put a product on the field. We’re playing Week 17. We’re playing to get in the playoffs or clinching the berth. It’s disappointing for sure. Overall, it just wasn’t good enough of a year for us. Hopefully, we’ll regain that support sometime soon, very very soon. Until then, we have a lot of work to do."

On win/loss total:

"Yeah, you look at New Orleans, we didn’t play very well against New Orleans. You look at Houston, we’re up. Then we get a PI call at the end of the game we shouldn’t have got. We’re kicking a 30-yard field goal instead of a 60-yard field goal and we could win that game. You look at Tennessee last week, they advanced to the playoffs. You look at the Indy game, we’re right there with Indy. They’re going to possibly advance to the playoffs. Both Dallas games, we beat Dallas and went there on Thanksgiving and didn’t play that good but we’re right there with them without a doubt. Philly on Monday night is when we had the injuries take place with our quarterbacks or quarterback so that was a struggle. Today was really an unfair assessment in my opinion, but personnel-wise, I think we’re in good shape really."

On the defensive performance today:

"Yeah, they were probably gassed. We had one play and out on the first drive, then three and out, then three and out, then three and out I think in the first half. So, these guys were just hounding us up the middle and getting three, four yards on the first down, then three, four on the second down, and then getting a completion on the third down and moving the chains. They did a great job as far as staying out of negative plays. Obviously these folks used defensively. We expect our guys to get off the field. I don’t know exactly what happened on some of those plays but we’ll check it out."

On assessing the staff for future:

"We’ll talk obviously. Everything we do is talked about obviously Mr. Snyder and Bruce and some others so we’ll see. There’s time for that."


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