Jay Gruden On McCoy: "He's Got The Skill Set That Fits Perfect For What We Do"

Head Coach Jay Gruden speaks to the media following the Redskins loss to the Texans.

On injuries:

"Alright injuries, obviously Alex Smith. He broke his tibia and fibula and fracture. He'll need surgery right away."

On where his mind goes in the aftermath of a loss like this:

"To Dallas. We're excited about it. We're going to come in here, players are going to have a recovery day tomorrow, come in and get their game plan Tuesday, fly out Wednesday and we'll go play the Cowboys on Thanksgiving."

On QB Colt McCoy's performance:

"Colt did fine, did good. I think the first down sack that we called, they covered it pretty well. Unfortunately, we got to second and twelve and then failed to convert there, punted. Got the ball back, had an opportunity there at the end, got fourth and ten. It's either try a 63-yard field goal or try to get a play longer than 10 yards or throw a Hail Mary. [Dustin] Hopkins said he thought he could make it, so we tried the field goal and didn’t get it done."

On his timeout strategy at the end of the game:

"In the game? I used it when Houston had the ball."

On why he didn't use timeouts before the two-minute warning:

"It's what you do."

On QB Alex Smith's injury:

"I haven’t seen anything of the injury yet. I know it was very painful for him and heartbreaking for a lot of people. He's a great guy and a hard worker and one of the key leaders on this football team. These things happen in pro football unfortunately. You just hate to see them happen to a guy like Alex. Knowing the type of guy he is, I think he'll bounce back."

On QB Colt McCoy's comfort level leading the offense:

"He's got a great comfort level I believe. You know, he hasn't played a whole lot so we'll see how he does. I have confidence in Colt, always have. I'm a big, firm believer in Colt McCoy's ability to play football in the National Football League. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for him. I know he would like it in different circumstances but things happen for a reason. It's an opportunity for Colt and I think he'll take advantage of it."

On what he said to McCoy before he went into the game:

"Did I say anything to him? I said 'let's go win a game. You know, let's go win a game. It's your team now.'"

On if he said anything to McCoy after the touchdown pass to TE Jordan Reed:

"I don’t know. I don’t remember."

On if he will be bringing someone in to fill the quarterback roster spot:

"Yeah we have to. We'll have four or five guys coming in here. Hopefully, they're on a plane now. I'll talk to Alex Santos [Director of Pro Personnel] and Doug Williams [Senior Vice President of Player Personnel]. Doug Williams I think they're already on it, a couple names. I haven’t heard the names yet, but I'm sure we have to. We only have obviously one quarterback in the building, so we have to get one soon."

On the pick six:

"Yeah, yeah I do know. It was third down and eight. We had a couple guys in the end zone. Jordan Reed ran a little swoll route and Alex [Smith] had to step around. [Jadeveon] Clowney came inside, Alex had to step around and they had the nose guard looping around the outside, which kind of got in Alex's way and he thought he threw it where Jordan was going to be and Jordan came at a slightly different angle. Nobody's fault on that one. It's just the play was hurried up a little bit because of Clowney making his flush and the nose guard looping around and I don't think Alex had a clear vision to the receiver."

On Alex Smith’s second interception:

“I just wanted to make sure he was OK. We had a couple issues with the play getting in. I thought I got it in way early and we weren’t getting it in and he wasn’t hearing me, what have you, I was just making sure he was OK and his mind was OK. Just staying positive. There’s a lot of football game left, people throw interceptions all the time. It’s unlike him based on his history, but I did want to make sure he was OK and in the right frame of mind to lead us back to a win.”

On who his third string quarterback was today:

“Trey Quinn.”

On the holding call on Josh Norman:

“I never get any of the explanations. I don’t want them.”

On the decision to have Dustin Hopkins kick the field goal:

“Happened after they called time out. I had a little dash play, I was going to try to launch it into the endzone and get a touchdown. The hard part was, I would have loved to throw a little quick out for five yards and kick a field goal but it was 4th and 10. You need to try to get a 12-yard out route, which I doubt they would’ve given us. Or, take a shot in the endzone, or kick the field goal. Hopkins said, ‘Hey, I can make it,’ and Adrian Peterson vouched for him and we threw him out there and let him kick it. There have been 63-yarders made in the NFL before, it’s not out of the question for him to make it. Hop’s got a powerful leg, so we let him make it.”

On Alex Smith’s injury:

“Well one, they’re painful. Two, it’s just a long recovery because he put so much work into this season and this team and he’s had a great career obviously, without a doubt, but when you have an injury like that, it’s more heartbreaking than it is physical. Just breaks your heart because this is what he loves to do. He loves to lead this football team, he loves to be with the guys and now the season is over and he has a long way back. Physically, he’ll be fine. Mentally, he’ll be fine. It’s just hard to watch that happen to any athlete on this football team.”

On changes to the offense with Colt McCoy at quarterback:

“We don’t have to change anything. I think he and Alex [Smith] have very similar skillsets, so offense won’t change, that’s the good thing. Tomorrow’s game plan or Tuesday’s game plan will continue to do what we’ve been doing and build off the things we’ve done well and trash the things that we didn’t do well, and just move forward. But I think he has the skillset that fits perfect to what we do.”

On if he gets much time with the first string offense during practice:

“No, he doesn’t get much time with the ones, no.”

On expectation of signing another quarterback this week:

“Yes we have to. We have to get someone in here to sign him. It’s probably going to be less workout related, maybe more, I don’t know, we’ll see. Familiarity with either Coach [Matt] Cavanaugh or Coach [Kevin] O’Connell, maybe. We’ll see. We’ll take a look at the names, all talk about them and go from there.”

On resting easier knowing Colt McCoy’s history:

“Any time you lose a football game like this, you’re not going to rest easy, and then when you lose a quarterback like Alex or a player like Alex, it’s not going to make you rest easy, but I’m sure once we get to work on Monday and the pit in our stomach is gone, we’re looking forward to the next game. Yes, I feel very confident in Colt McCoy as our starting quarterback. Always been a big fan of his, but I just wish there were different circumstances, so to speak.”


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