10 Most Expensive Washington Redskins

Who is taking up the most cap space on the club?

The Washington Redskins haven't been able to make it to the postseason over the last couple of seasons. With a hard salary cap, it's much more difficult to build a winning roster than in other sports. The Nationals have been competitive for years in a league with a soft cap in Major League Baseball. But in the NFL, the hard cap tries to even the playing field among all 32 teams.

Wasting precious cap space on players who are not living up to their ends of the bargain is a serious problem for many teams across the NFL. Is Washington in this category?

No one can, nor should, blame the organization for the man sitting atop the totem pole. Alex Smith's season-ending, and career threatening injury is a freak accident. It was a wise trade at the time but now the extension given Smith is taking up a lot of space as the team readies for the Dwayne Haskins era. 

Other players on the list have no such excuse, and it may be time to cut bait on a few underperformers on this list if the team finds viable replacements over the course of the summer work, up to and including training camp.