Greg Manusky: "Just Playing Team Defense Is The Biggest Thing"

Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Manusky speaks to the media following Thursday's practice

On CB Fabian Moreau adapting to playing on the outside:

"Yeah, I think across the board from a DB perspective, it’s always a little bit harder inside because of the space. Him playing on the outside, he’s been doing a great job on the outside and you know right now that’s where he’s fitting up. In certain situations we might put him inside, but overall this season, I think he’s had a productive season."

On the future of the nickel position:

"You know we’re not there right now. I think we’re going to finish up these two games and hopefully we can extend it from there and then take it from… you know, after the season is over whenever that’s going to be and then we’ll figure it out then."

On keeping the Jacksonville Jaguars’ offense under 200 yards:

"It was a great situation. I think we know we can play football. We just got to make sure we’re gap sound across the board in the run game. In the passing game, we did a great job getting a pick at the end of the game which was a huge situation for us. Just playing team defense is the biggest thing and then playing together as a unit from an offensive standpoint, special teams and then on defense."

On the challenges of facing RB Derrick Henry this weekend:

"He’s a big cat you know. We understand that, we got to make sure we swarm this guy, get around him. We got to have multiple hats on [him] because I always tell the guys don’t assume that he’s down because he could always break tackles. He does a great job, he’s got a good stiff arm, he makes plays in space [and] he’s a good jump cutter. He's a phenomenal back. He’s a good back, so we got to make sure he’s taken care of."

On Henry’s improved performance, doubling his rushing yards the last two weeks:

"I think just his vision points and seeing the hole open up and hitting it as hard as he can and then getting through it. You know he’s done a great job of stiff arming guys across the board, in the Jacksonville game of course, and getting guys off of him. He’s a physical, tough guy that has good sidelines, good vision, and we got to make sure we get him down."