Greg Manusky On Deshaun Watson: "He Reads Coverages Pretty Good"

Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky speaks to media following practice on Thursday at the Inova Sports Performance Center

On his assessment of the defense's pass rush against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week:

"It was good at times. I think the quarterback did a great job of scrambling out of the pocket, you know. He did a great job. 'Fitzy' [Ryan Fitzpatrick] is known to scramble out of a tight compartment at times, just like this guy [Deshaun Watson] that we are playing this week. We had pressure. We had opportunities to get sacks. We just didn’t make them at times. We had a couple at the end, so it was alright."

On CB Josh Norman lining up on different receivers:

"It depends from week to week and who you are playing and stuff. I think this week, we just go at it with the know-about that we are probably going to put him on the best receiver that they have because he's a good cover guy. Last week, he did a good job on number 13 [Mike Evans], so this week we will see what happens."

On Norman being versatile in matchups:

"It gives you an opportunity to play different coverages of what you want to play. You can single them up and put a little more pressure on the quarterback. Usually, that’s what it is."

On comparing Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson to other quarterbacks that the defense has faced:

"He does a great job. He reads coverages pretty good. I know it's his second year but he just feels the pressure. That's the best thing that I think this quarterback does, is he feels pressure up the gut, he feels it on the edge, he does a great job of scrambling, getting out of situations where he knows that he'll get pinned in. Overall, he does a great job of keeping his head up the field and seeing the routes that he has in front of him. So overall, he does a good job."

On analyzing a game where you gave up 500 yards and just three points:

"That’s the best [Laughter]. I'd rather give up three points than 29 points or 30 points. From our standpoint, we knew they were a good offense. They led the National Football League, so from our standpoint, we weren’t going to give up any big plays and from our standpoint we didn’t do that per say. I know we gave up 500 yards, I know it was in two-minute situations as well, but overall I think the guys played hard. They played physical. We stopped the run and we didn’t give up the big plays. When you do that in this league and you play good red zone [defense], good things happen."

On the home field advantage at FedExField:

"To me, I think it's huge. Those road trips… sometimes when you are taking the road trips and you've got to fly on the plane, you have the hotel, you're there and you see your brothers, which I did down in Tampa – wasn’t a good idea, but anyway [Laughter]. Sorry Frank. Overall, I think it's just distractions and stuff. I think when you are at home, you're at peace and you understand it. You know everything about the locker room, the training, all this, the chiropractors, and all that kind of stuff. Then you go out there with the home crowd, you're excited and play. D.J. [Swearinger] was saying, it was so loud sometimes it's hard from a communication standpoint for our defense but the offense has got to do it on the road. From our standpoint, that’s a good thing for us and it was great seeing a lot of guys down in Tampa. The Redskins fans down there were awesome. There were a lot of them down there."