Head Coach Jay Gruden and Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

HC Jay Gruden and DC Greg Manusky speak to the media following practice Thursday.

Head Coach Jay Gruden

On the injury report:

"Did not participate, 'Mo' [Maurice] Harris; a concussion. Still limited was Trent Williams. Were just managing his reps. That's all. We had to put him down early."

On RB Kapri Bibbs:

"Hes sick. Hes got some bug or something."

On the ideal vision for the defensive line:

"Well you want to keep them fresh. They are big men and they play better fresh. But obviously [Daron] Payne has proven hes pretty good and Jonathan Allen, we want to keep in there as much as possible. Matt [Ioannidis] has come back from his injury. Ziggy [Hood], I think he will be subbing in and out a little bit, so we have a pretty good group of guys in there."

On DL Tim Settle being ready for his first career game:

"Settle? I hope so. I guess we will find out."

On WR Maurice Harris potentially being inactive on Sunday:

"Well, I dont know yet. We will see. Hes still getting checked out."

On CB Danny Johnson returning kickoffs:

"Yeah, we knew coming in. We wanted to try and address the return situation and Danny and 'Stro' [Greg Stroman] both had experience returning kicks. So, they were high on our list. Danny, luckily, we got him as a priority free agent and obviously we drafted 'Stro' and then Trey Quinn also had some experience returning punts at SMU. So, we kind of addressed that, so we dont have to go to somebody else."

On keeping both Stroman and Johnson active on Sunday:

"Maybe, we shall see. Depends on how many linebackers we keep up and all that."

On the last two weeks of practice:

"Id like to think every rep is important. We have a method for our madness and every rep we take is scrutinized and coached up. The goal is to make us better and also work on our conditioning, discipline, and all that good stuff. So, I think that every rep we take out here, whether its a walkthrough, a practice rep or individual, is very, very important to our success in the future. I think the guys have done an excellent job the last two days of honing in on what were trying to do for the game on Sunday and go on from there. So, we get a good group practice, a lot of reps and then watch the film, correct it, and move on to the next day, and different situations occur, so its very beneficial."

On what Harris' injury means for WR Trey Quinn:

"Oh yeah, hes done great and then obviously Cam [Sims] has a chance to be up on game day, but well see."

On the linebacker rotation:

"Yeah, well see. The big thing is Zach [Brown] has been a little bit banged up with that oblique but hes been cleared so far, so we just wanted to add some more for depth with [Josh] Keyes. You know, with Zach and Mason [Foster] obviously, Josh Harvey-[Clemons] will play a lot, and [Zach] Vigil will get some reps in there, and well see about Shaun Dion [Hamilton] on [special] teams and all that good stuff."

On long-term injury concerns with LB Zach Brown:

"Well yeah, if we are concerned about lingering issues, then I probably wouldnt be able to sleep, so I think we got it nipped in the bud. We gave him plenty of rest, could be a little painful for him, but hes not on the report, so I think hes good to go."

On LB Josh Harvey-Clemons rotating in with the starters:

"Yeah, I think thats why we drafted him because of his length and his speed and ability to cover tight ends and backs. Hes done a much better job as far as being in the corps and playing the run game also, so hes not just a pass guy. Ive been impressed with Josh Harvey and hes still learning, still getting better, but he definitely has the length to cover good people like David Johnson, possibly out of the backfield, or their tight end Jermaine Gresham, or whoever it might be."

On where RB Adrian Peterson stands with learning the offense:

"Yeah, well see. Hell probably be a situational guy. I dont think hell be in the two-minute situation, I hope, but you never know. Hes learning everything and its hard to come in here and learn a new terminology. We want to focus in on a certain group of plays and then branch off from their slowly but surely. We have a couple other guys like Rob [Kelley] and Samaje [Perine] and Chris [Thompson] obviously who can handle those other roles for him until he gets up to speed but hes got a package of plays that he feels really good about."

On what causes problems in the running game:

"A little bit of everything, you know. Offensive line, in and out, the continuity of the offensive line, our tight end struggle a little bit blocking at the point [of attack] from time to time. Sometimes all the different backs that we played had something to do with it receiver blocking, sometimes a bad call against a bad front. We have to do a better job of trying to get our run calls against optimal looks and if we dont get the optimal look, we might have to throw it. The running game is very, very difficult to point your finger at one person or position group. Its a total team effort. The quarterbacks got to be involved in it, carrying out his fake, or getting us to the right play. Tight ends obviously, receivers have to block the secondary people from time to time and obviously the linemen."

On monitoring reps for first-year players in this first regular season game:

"Yeah, well see. Well see how theyre doing. Hopefully the roof will be shut over there and itll be cool, so that shouldnt be an issue. I think were in pretty good shape, but if somebody looks a little winded, thats why we have the good depth in our backups. Defensive linemen, linebackers, safeties, corners, tight ends, offensive linemen, running backs, I think we feel pretty good about our depth in receivers, so well keep everybody as fresh as we can."

On RB Rob Kelley handling the changes to the running back group this year:

"I think Rob has handled it like a pro. I think he understands that nothing is ever going to be handed out to him being a free agent from Tulane, thats what he thinks, but he continues to come out here and work and produce. The last preseason game, I thought he was excellent, fighting for his job, fighting for playing time. He did a great job and he is going to be used without a doubt. I dont know the extent of that use, but well have to see how the game goes on, but throughout the course of the 16-game season, I anticipate Rob being a big benefit to this football team."

On preparing differently for teams with head coaches that were defensive or offensive coordinators:

"No, I just try to find out where they came from, what theyre good at, what their specialty is and you study that, and then you have to go on and flip it to the other side of the ball and who is running the show over there. Thats Coach [Arizona Offensive Coordinator Mike] McCoy, so you have to study what he does and go from there. But still, theres so much of the unknown. They have a whole offseason to watch tape, being a head coach now for the first time, he might have some new ideas that he wanted to use that maybe Coach Rivera didnt want him to use. You never know. Same with Coach McCoy, itll be interesting to see, but we just have to be fundamentally sound and hopefully our Xs and Os match up and are sound against whatever they throw at us."

On if hes picked the captains for this year yet:

"Captains? No not yet, probably will do that tomorrow."

On if he will rotate captains weekly or have a set of captains:

"Probably pick a set, maybe have one rotate. Probably pick four and then rotate one."

Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky

On defending RB David Johnson:

"Yeah, very good running back, he did a great job last year and the year before. You know, last year he only played a couple of games, but from our standpoint, a good running back. We have to make sure we tackle, tackle well on Sunday, and play team defense so everybody knows exactly where theyre supposed to be, [where] your fits are, and try to swarm the running back because hes a good one. [Hes] good in pass catching. Hes a receiver. He can be out of the backfield and then running the ball. Hes a talented player and we got to -- [stopping David Johnson] it's one of a must for us."

On preparing for a team with a new coaching staff and a new offense:

"Yeah, its always tough because first off its the first time that theyre playing in an opening game. You know, they had a little bit in the preseason, seen a little bit of snaps of what they do. Thats what were trying to take from what they did in the preseason and then what hes [Cardinals Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy] done in Denver before from years past. Overall, theyve been a productive offense and were looking for a big fight."

On covering RB David Johnson:

"Well, I think thats the biggest thing. You have to know whos going to cover him from being out in the wide receiver position and, you know, we have things that we are going to do. It is an option for them to put him outside and run the whole route tree like you said. We have to make sure we get pressure on the quarterback and then make sure we cover him up because he is a talented football player."

On why he shaved:

"Its summer; training camps over."

On his confidence in CB Fabian Moreau and S Montae Nicholson:

"I think overall from a communicational standpoint, I think theyve done a great job and we have to continue to do that. We've got seven rookies and I think five or six second-year players on the defense, so its a decent amount of guys that are young. From a communicational standpoint, its vital for everybody to communicate and be on the same page. Like I always tell you, I dont care what we call as long as were on the same page well have success. Theyve been doing a good job on the backend."

On defending WR Larry Fitzgerald:

"[You] try to put the best player you have on him basically. Overall, Larry is still a talented guy. He can run the whole route tree. The quarterback does a good job of trying to find him and locate him. He bodies you out. Hes always had that ability to do that and were excited to go up against him."

On if he sees value in playing young players on the defense:

"I think definitely. We have a lot of young guys on the D-line and even in the secondary. From our standpoint, weve got some young guys that have some talent and now we have to just play together as a defense and make sure that we bring it on Sunday."

On the decision to let DE Anthony Lanier go and bring in DL Caleb Brantley:

"Well the switch was made. I think for right now with the backup and the depth we had at the D-line, I think we felt like Anthony had a chance to make it and then just kind of fizzled out a little bit at the end. Then we picked up Brantley whos a very good talented player and were excited to have him in the building. Decisions are decisions made in this business and sometimes you have to move forward and move on."

On if he thinks the defense has improved against the run with the addition of Brantley:

"Yeah, I think so. I think were excited to have him here and well see what he can do."

On if there was a notion to have HC Jay Gruden call his brother Oakland Raiders HC Jon Gruden surrounding LB/DE Khalil Mack trade talks:

"You gotta talk to Jay about that. Thats up to him not up to me."