Head Coach Jay Gruden: "We’re trying to find our way as a football team."

Head Coach Jay Gruden Press Conference, September 12, 2018

On injuries:

Trey Quinn and Cam Sims both had ankle surgery today. They'll both be put on IR. [Troy] Apke had a hamstring; he did not participate. 'Mo' [Maurice] Harris had a concussion related; he was limited. Morgan Moses, slight knee; he was limited.

On roster moves:

"Yes, we signed [Kenny] Ladler off our practice squad. We got [Brian] Quick. Yeah, we activated Jehu [Chesson] from our practice squad."

On if WR Maurice Harris is still in concussion protocol:

"He's been allowed to do individual drills and progress from there. As far as still being in it, he's technically not out of it until he's officially cleared but they have progressed him into normal work duty."

On WR Cam Sims and WR Trey Quinn returning later in the season:

"Yes, we get two spots and right now we have three possibilities really with [Byron] Marshall, Quinn and Sims."

On a timeline for their return:

"Probably around six, seven weeks, eight weeks, hopefully"

On LB Ryan Kerrigan's streak of consecutive games started:

"No, he has always taken care of himself. He's one of the best pros we have in here, you know, as far as work ethic [and] taking care of his body. Obviously, if you look at him, you can see that. He works extremely hard in practice. We do take a little bit off of him from time to time. That's just because we ask him to. He never volunteers that, but, yeah, he is just a great worker. I think he's one of those guys that can play for a long time because he takes care of his body, works extremely hard."

On if he is amazed by Kerrigan's streak:

"It's amazing. It really is. You know, obviously its a tough football game and there's some luck involved in that, but a lot of it has to do with his tenacity [and] his work ethic offseason, in-season, breakfast, lunch, dinner, what he eats, how he sleeps, all that. He's just the ultimate pro as far as how he takes care of his body."

On Cam Sims and Trey Quinn's level of surgery:

"They both were high ankle. Yeah, there's some new procedure they're doing. I dont exactly know what it is called, but they went in there and did something."

On LB Ryan Anderson playing fullback and if there was coaching involved in that adjustment:

"I'd like to think there was coaching involved in this league. I dont know. But yeah, we coach him up. We try to coach him up. You know, we tried to get him a couple reps on Friday-Saturday just to get him looking at the defense. We dont give him a huge package of plays, just three or four plays in there. It's really hard to simulate that, you know, without pads on a Friday or Saturday, but Ryan has volunteered himself to do that. Daron Payne has done it before in the past at Alabama, so we have a couple options there in-house without having to activate a true fullback. Ryan's got the body for it; he's got the toughness for it and the power, so he's a good fit for it."

On what the conversation was like when signing WR Brian Quick:

"Do you want to come back? Yes. [Laughter] He's a great kid. We hated to let go of him in the first place because he's such a hard worker and had a good training camp. The injury set him back. You know, the thigh injury set him back. When he did get healthy, Cam Sims emerged in his absence and then he got hurt a little bit and Trey Quinn had an emergence. Obviously, 'Mo' Harris was in a position he was in, so numbers-wise we had to let somebody go, but fortunately [for us] he's still on the streets and able to fill a void for us."

On if Quick will be active this weekend:

"Yeah, two of our five active guys are on IR now so we have to activate a couple more. Jehu [Chesson] has a chance if 'Mo' [Harris] can't go. Jehu, you know, especially for special teams. That's what his strength is. Then obviously Quick could be the fourth [receiver]."

On the starting offensive line:

"Their versatility is key. They can run. They can pull. They are strong at the point of attack and are pretty athletic. So, you can have a lot of versatility there and [Jeremy] Sprinkle getting better at the tight end spot has helped a lot. I think Vernon Davis has gotten better in there, even Jordan Reed has gotten better in there and the receivers blocking well helped a lot too. Obviously, I think Alex Smith with his versatility, able to move around and do some different things with the football helps out and the backs' vision and running after contact."

On CB Quinton Dunbar's performance against the Arizona Cardinals:

"Well, he was able to make plays, both in man coverage and in zone coverage. I think it was one of his better games and he tackled pretty well. I think it was one of his better games as a pro here and I think hes got to continue to make strides to get better and keep studying the game and the people he is covering but he obviously had a big game Sunday."

On which traits allowed Dunbar to succeed last weekend:

"Well, hes a good athlete. Being an ex-receiver has helped out a little bit too because he can see routes and break on things, but really its his length and his size. Hes got great speed and recovery speed if he does get beat at the line."

On what goes into trap games and how to avoid them:

"Well, I dont think we are in that position right now to be thinking of trap games at all. Were not good enough to be thinking about that anyway. Were trying to find our way as a football team, identity on offense and defense, a consistency to our football team. We had a great start last week, but were all about ball right now, trying to get better today and get ready for a very good, very talented, well coached Indianapolis football team."

On if WR Jehu Chesson can play in the slot:

"Probably not, we will probably keep him outside. I think if something were to happen to Jamison [Crowder] we would probably put Jordan [Reed] there full time if need be. Jordan is a great slot receiver. He can do everything."

On TE Jordan Reeds blocking against the Arizona Cardinals:

"I dont know, but hes gotten better. Im very impressed with Jordan and the way he blocked. All those tight ends really did a good job, you know [Jeremy] Sprinkle and Vernon [Davis] like I mentioned before. Thats one of the problems we had a little bit last year. Our tight end blocking wasnt as good as it should be. Our lines fluctuated in and out and were a problem, so they did well."

On preparation for Hurricane Florence:

"I think game plan related. We can adjust our game plan to that. We have a lot of different types of styles of runs and passes that we can adjust if need be, personnel groupings, but as far as practicing on a possible wet field, we have no way of doing that. We just have to adjust at game time if something happens."

On TE Jeremy Sprinkles progress:

"Yeah, without a doubt his blocking and Sprinkle is deceivingly fast. He can get down on the seams and hes a good receiver also. But really were asking him to; one, focus on being a good blocker at the point of attack and thats why we took him out of Arkansas. Hes gotten stronger in the weight room with Chad [Englehart] and Wes [Phillips] has done a great job with his footwork and fundamentals and hes long and strong."

How does Sprinkle free up offense for other tight ends:

"Lots of options; its good options to have, you know, the personnel packages vary. Sometimes we are Sprinkle and Jordan [Reed], sometimes were Sprinkle and Vernon [Davis] and sometimes we are Vernon and Jordan. Then the single receiver sets sometimes one of the three so we can mix them up, keep them fresh and utilize our best personnel accordingly."