Jay Gruden on Drew Brees: "He's Got Great Anticipation And Accuracy"

HC Jay Gruden speaks to the media following practice Wednesday.

Opening statement:

"Tomorrow we shall give you the updates on the injuries. So, you're going to have to wait until tomorrow."

On WR Josh Doctson not practicing today:

"We will give you an update tomorrow on the injuries, John."

On if Doctson's absence is injury related:

"I don't know. I can't remember. [Laughter] Is that it? [Laughter]"

On if he feels QB Alex Smith is underappreciated compared to other quarterbacks in the league:

"Yeah, probably, you know, statistically, he's probably not where those guys are, but production-wise as far as wins and losses, he's got to be up there close. I know we're happy to have our guy and I know they're happy to have their guy. Drew's a great player. Aaron was a great player last week. You can see the fear that he puts in defenses eyes sometimes when he moves around. The same thing with Drew with almost [71,000 plus] yards I guess so, productive players for a long time. It shows they've got consistency and obviously great people and great players."

On if he has talked with players on reacting to the possibility of New Orleans QB Drew Brees' breaking the career passing yard record against them:

"No, no, just hopefully he doesn’t get it. You never know."

On his thoughts on Brees:

"Well, I think he has unbelievable accuracy – number one. He has great anticipation, great accuracy and fundamental skills in the pocket where he can move around and stand tall. He gets on his tip toes and he sees the field extremely well. He knows where the weaknesses are at every coverage and he can attack you. It's very important for us to disguise our intent and try to get after him as best we can. If he has time to see the field and read what your intent is on defense, he'll find an open guy. He's done it his whole career. I think that's what he's best at. He gets in unique formations, shows your hand and he gets into the right play."

On New Orleans Saints RB Alvin Kamara:

"Yeah, no obviously he's dangerous in all phases. In the running game, I think he's undervalued probably. Everybody thinks about him as a pass catcher but he's very good in the running game. Obviously, when he gets outside or coming out of the backfield, he's very dangerous on screens and option routes. Compare him to Chris Thompson very similarly. Before Chris got hurt last year, their numbers were comparable. They do a great job of utilizing him on all spots on the field, in the slot, outside, in the backfield, in the I [Formation]. He's a guy that is very dangerous."

On identifying players like Kamara and Washington Redskins RB Chris Thompson:

"Yeah, I think that type of guy is hard to find really. You know, running backs that can handle the running between the tackles and also get out in space and win on pass routes and also be effective in pass protection. It's not easy. That type of body, that type of skillset, the quickness in and out of your cuts, the hands, the route definitions that you have to have, the protection, the strength you have to have to run between the tackles and outside, they just don’t come along every day. When you do get one, it's fun to play with them because you can utilize them in so many different ways"

On New Orleans Saints QB Taysom Hill:

"He's a little bit of everything. I don’t know what position he is, but he plays everything. So he's a guy you've got to be aware of. Can't treat him really like wildcat quarterback because he can throw it, so you have to play your gaps. You have to be sound and treat him like a Tim Tebow type guy, who can run the football, catch the football and obviously throw it."

On WR Josh Doctson's season:

"I think statistically it's not where he wants to be but I think he's getting better. We are 2-1, that’s the bottom line. We've been pretty productive on offense. Sometimes he'll be asked to do more, make some plays, hopefully it will be this week but I think he'll make plenty of plays for us by the time the season is over."

On using Doctson in the red zone:

"Yeah we tried a couple. We tried to fade it to him against Indy and we overthrew him out of the back of the end zone. Then we had one where they held him I think last week against Green Bay, where he got the P.I. [pass interference], which is good. He got us first and goal at the one and Adrian [Peterson] took it in. I think the more attempts we get, the more opportunities he will see."

On signing RB Mack Brown:

"Mack is a good guy to have on our practice squad because he knows the system pretty much and we know what he can do with the football. We have Samaje [Perine] obviously, also, Kapri [Bibbs], but having Mack Brown out there with Adrian's [Peterson] ankle the way that it is, is a good get for us. Just for a little insurance for us down the line if we need it. Hopefully we don’t have to use him, but if we do, Mack will be ready."

On the New Orleans Saints defense:

'Yeah, they didn’t play very well against Tampa Bay. [Tampa Bay] had their way, [Ryan] Fitzpatrick had a heck of a game against them, threw some very nice passes against them, had some big plays with DeSean [Jackson] and Mike Evans and their tight end O.J. [Howard]. They gave up some plays in that game but they settled down a little bit. They have some young players back there. They lost Patrick Robinson, their nickel, so they had to move some people around. Their front seven is very good. They can rush the passer. [Cameron] Jordan is an excellent player and the rookie [Marcus Davenport] they have is a strong player finding his way. I think they are very dangerous. They are strong up front and their coverage I think is getting better and better."