Jay Gruden recaps the 2018 Washington Redskins season

Head Coach Jay Gruden speaks with the media Monday from Redskins Park.

On if he has an update on staff changes:

"No. I really don’t know why I’m up here to be honest with you. We just finished last night, yesterday and we’re in the process of getting some player evaluations done, nothing new."

On QB Alex Smith and how he envisions the quarterback situation playing out:

"Yeah, I haven’t talked to Alex in a few days. I texted with his wife once, but he's recovering that’s all I can say. I know it's going to be a long process for him. We're obviously hopeful he can turn a corner and start the rehab process and possibly get back on the field. That’s all we can hope for right now. In the meantime, we still have Coly [McCoy] and Josh [Johnson] and [Mark] Sanchez – got a good look at those two guys. So, that’s where we're at."

On the importance of CB Josh Norman with all the other question variables in the secondary:

"Yeah, we got a look at some young guys, which was good. Adonis [Alexander] got a little bit more yesterday and [Greg] Stroman, Fabian [Moreau], Danny Johnson all did some good things from time to time. Fabian is still a young, developing player. Obviously, [Quinton] Dunbar hurt us a little bit but I talked to him today. He's recovering nicely from his leg. It looks like he's going to have total strength here pretty soon back to his leg so that's important. It's a good, young secondary. As for Josh, we know we have him for another year. He did some great things this year. Obviously, probably his numbers weren’t where he wanted them to be – interception-wise or forced fumble-wise or what have you – but he's still a solid player for us and a great option."

On meeting with ownership and player evaluations:

"Yeah, we're intending on doing player evaluations at the end of this week, give them time to look at their guys and write some things up. As far as I'm concerned, I don’t know. I just wait by the phone and when I get the call, I go. I don’t know yet."

On if the season changes the decision to have three quarterbacks in the building:

"It could, yeah. Every year is different. Like I said before, the numbers are very thin, especially when you have injuries. Guys have three, four week injuries and they're on your 53 but they're not playing and those guys add up. It's hard to keep a third quarterback just to sit around and hold a clipboard, but that would be a luxury we'd like to have. We've never really wanted to hold just two quarterbacks. We want to hold two quarterbacks and maybe one on the practice squad. With all the injuries we had, we were forced to bring practice squad linemen in. We were heavy on the offensive line on the practice squad because we were light offensive line-wise, wide receiver for obvious reasons. In a perfect world, you'd like to have two on the active and one on the practice squad at least."

On S Ha Ha Clinton-Dix:

"Well, he's a quality person number one, which is good. He's played a lot of football. He knows what it takes to be a good football player and a good safety so experience in that room is critical with all the young guys. Josh [Norman] is kind of a veteran now I guess. But adding a safety with a voice like Ha Ha, people will listen and his work ethic is outstanding. From a leadership standpoint, he's top notch, great kid, love to have him back. But obviously, he's a free agent and we know how that works."

On if the need for leadership in the secondary increases with the release of S D.J. Swearinger:

"You're always looking for great leaders and Ha Ha is one of those guys. He's a great leader without a doubt. He probably wasn’t quite as vocal as he would have been had he been here all year. Since he just got here, he was feeling his way with the guys. As he got more acclimated with the players and the system, you could see him start to branch off a little bit. It's more of a positive energy that he brings to the group, which is good."

On S Montae Nicholson:

"No, no update right now."

On LB Reuben Foster:

"Yeah, no update on Reuben at all."

On his high point and low point of the season:

"I think the positive memory, I think getting to know each individual player is always fun. As a coach, you get to know these guys and what makes them tick. We have a lot of good young guys, some veteran guys, the leadership that they possess was great to watch. Watch some guys develop throughout the course of the season. Being able to coach a guy like Adrian Peterson – a Hall of Fame type guy – was actually one of the highpoints in my career personally. There are a lot to things to go back and look at from each individual player, what they did well, how they developed as players and as people, which was kind of fun to watch. Low point, obviously, when you're done, when the season is over, that's always a low point. But the injuries, Alex [Smith] was a major low point, Brandon Scherff, all the injuries in general were bad. I'm not going to say one is worse than the other. They all hurt us. But when you lose two quarterbacks, Alex number one and then Colt [McCoy] when he was ready and finally got his opportunity to show what he had and he snaps his leg. I'd say for sure that was a low point."

On if he thinks inside linebacker is a position of need going into the offseason:

"Yeah, we'll see. We'll have to evaluate that again. I think Shaun Dion [Hamilton] did some good things. I liked the way he developed as a player. He started playing more first and second downs. Zach Brown played more sub defense. His ability to run. It's not like we're totally down on Zach Brown. He missed just a little bit of time here in OTAs and training camp with his oblique and just opened the door for Shaun Dion to get more and more reps. We liked what we saw, so he played more and more. Josh Harvey-Clemons has a role in the dime packages. He can run and cover backs and tight ends. Zach Vigil does some good things on special teams. Obviously, Mason Foster I think led our team in tackles this year. There's people in that room that are good, but you're always looking to improve your team."

On the possibility utilizing RBs Adrian Peterson, Derrius Guice and Chris Thompson:

"Yeah you could do that for sure. That wouldn't be a bad thing to have. You still have Bryon Marshall too and Samaje Perine, so I think the stable of backs are very interesting here once everybody is healthy. I would love to see Adrian come back healthy. He was banged up the whole second half of the season and he played through it and still played pretty good. That is something that we'll have to talk about. Obviously Adrian is a free agent and he is probably going to look at his options also, but all good players."

On the injury to G Brandon Scherff is:

"Yeah, Scherff will be ready quicker than anybody probably in the history of that injury. So, I'm not even concerned about Brandon. He is already probably doing push-ups, the weirdo. But he will be fine. I don't have an exact time table for you."

On what he thought the team missed after Scherff was injured:

"What do you miss when you lose a Pro Bowler at guard? Well, you miss a lot. You miss a lot in the running game for sure, the pass protection is key, the screen game suffered drastically with him out of the game because he is one of the best guys out in space that there is in the National Football League as far as guards are concerned. His leadership, his work ethic, his tenacity, you just can't put one word on what you miss when you lose a guy like Brandon Scherff. It is an entire package of the player and the person."

On assessing the season without examining the injuries:

"It's impossible, really. It's hard because you're talking about really, really good players that didn't play, especially at the quarterback position. How do you evaluate your team when your two starting quarterbacks that you worked the entire season with are out? Nothing against Josh [Johnson] or Mark [Sanchez], they came in and did the best they could, but they didn't have the luxury of having OTA practices and meetings and training camp practices and meetings and preseason games – it's a big deal for a quarterback, you need the reps. Then offensive line wise it is hard to say what we would have been with Brandon Scherff at right guard and Shawn Lauvao or Jonathan Cooper or Arie Kouandjio or Tyler Catalina, whoever, all of these guys that went down. It is difficult or Paul Richardson full time at receiver with the speed that he has or Jamison Crowder all year or Chris Thompson all year or Jordan Reed all year. We just never got everybody together all at once, so it's hard to really say, 'This is where we are.' Because we don't really know how good we can be with everybody in the lineup at the same time."

On OLB Preston Smith:

"Yeah, he's a free agent for sure. I had a nice talk with him today and I think we would obviously welcome him back, but like you said he's earned the right to test the market out a bit. Hopefully we can get something done for him. I think he's still a young, developing player. I think if we're fortunate enough to get him back there are ways to utilize him a little bit more. I think he can play more spots than just outside linebacker and defensive end. I think he can play inside over the center and just do different things in the pass rush that we really haven't asked him to do yet. I still think his future is very bright in the National Football League. He is young, he is strong, he is long, he is smart. Obviously from a production standpoint, he only had four sacks this year and that's low for a guy like that. But, I think he will get more and more the more he plays."

On if he intends to do more self-scouting in regards to the injuries:

"It's really hard. Everybody is pointing the finger at the training staff or the strength staff. We have the best strength staff in football and I feel really good about them. The training staff is just trying to manage injuries and try to get people back on the field as quickly as they can. They have nothing to do with a blown out knee or a torn pec or a pulled hamstring or an oblique or a foot or a toe. I mean we had every body part covered this year and it is nobody's fault, but we will do our due diligence and try to figure out why it's happening to us two years in a row. But, with the amount of different types of injuries, I really don't think there will be a reason. I think it's just bad luck, they land funny, they got something torn or broken and that is pro football."

On conversations with the front office or ownership in regards to his future with the team:

"I haven't had any talks yet. I have no idea when they will take place, but I know they will take place. I just have to wait and kind of see what happens. It is a tough business. A lot of good coaches have been let go already and there will be a lot more I'm sure here in the next couple days and weeks. So, moving forward if I am fortunate enough to be here I feel really good about the nucleus of players that we have. We do have to address some things without a doubt. When you are 7-9, whether you have injuries or not it is not good enough for this franchise. I know Mr. Snyder demands greatness from him staff and his players and we didn't deliver this year, so we have to figure out ways to get better from a coaching staff standpoint first and then from a player's standpoint."

On the one thing he feels needs to change the most going forward:

"It is hard to say. It is really hard to say. There are a lot of things that probably need to change, but I think just moving forward we all have to be on the same page as far as personnel, coaching and all that stuff. But, we have a good communication system, a good system in place right now, but with all the injuries that we had it's just hard to gauge, 'Would we have been better with this guy here?' And all of our healthy guys it is just hard to gauge. We adjusted pretty well, I thought as a staff and got as many guys ready to play as we could -- some young guys off the streets on a Tuesday that started on a Sunday in the National Football League, it's not easy to do. I think staff-wise we did some good things, but not good enough. That evaluation process, I will have to do a lot of listening first if I'm still here, will see what they see, what their vision is and then I have to adapt to what they see and try to do the best I can to make it work."

On TE Jordan Reed:

"Yeah, I like Jordan a lot. I think he is an excellent player, he is a difference maker on offense. Tight ends that can win in zone and man coverage are hard to find. When you get that matchup, it is very easy for a quarterback to find. The passes that don't have to be 35 yards down the field, they can be eight-to-10 yard intermediate-type passes that he can run after the catch, his blocking has improved and is going to continue to get better the stronger that he gets. We just have to get him healthy, but he is a dynamic player, a great athlete, works extremely hard, a great kid, never late and he's a big part of the success of this football team moving forward in my opinion."

On the importance of getting WR Jamison Crowder back on the team next season:

"Yeah, Jamison is a lot like Preston [Smith]. He is a very young player, developing and his best years are in front of him without a doubt. I feel the same way about Preston. I think they're going to explode on the scene here very shortly. He's got great quickness in intermediate routes, can separate, has good hands, he's tough, he's physical in the running game. There is really not anything that Jamison can't do. You look at his size and say he's little, but he plays big, so we have to try and get him back for sure."

On improving communications between the coaching staff and front office regarding current roles:

"Oh yeah it is possible. It starts with once I get the word I have to pass it along and we have to do a better job of executing the plan and we've tried to do that. We just have not done a very good job obviously. Seven and nine the past two years. We understand what we have to do to improve. We just have to do a good job of executing the plan."