Josh Johnson On Titans: "We Have To Be Prepared For Everything They Do"

Redskins quarterback speaks to the media following Wednesday's practice at the Inova Sports Performance Center.

On evaluating his own play against the Jacksonville Jaguars and what he can improve moving forward:

"I think I managed the game well. There are things I can improve on most definitely considered it’s the first game starting. What I liked was that we just stayed at it as an offense. We never wavered. We got into a good rhythm at the end of the game and were able to finish it off. But it was a lot to build on. Me just being real critical of myself, I felt like we left some things out there as well so we’re going to try to capitalize on those opportunities this week."

On what he can build on:

"Just playing more, just trusting the guys, really having a better feel for how they play in a real game. How guys run their routes under real live situations versus practice, just getting more comfortable and I guess you could say have a little better trust with the whole offense from the offensive line to the receivers, running backs. Really getting more comfortable with what those guys like to do, have a conversation and just talk them through my thought process and then seeing how they feel about things as well."

On his thought process when he decides to run the ball:

"At times you’re just playing the game, you know? You want to remain a passer as the quarterback, puts much more pressure on the defense. You always want to remain a passer, but I mean you also don’t want to take away from your playmaking abilities. It's just finding that balance. At the end of the day, we’re trying to move those chains. Move those chains, keep moving down the field, get points and allow our defense to play fresh. Then we play complementary football that way. That’s how we were able to come out with that victory with a great team win because we complemented each other well in the second half."

On the Titans’ defense and his experience with Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel:

"Tennessee is another good defense, man. It doesn’t get easier for us, but that’s the beauty of December football. We’re playing another great team and the test gets harder. They’ve got a lot on the line, we’ve got a lot on the line so we’re excited about that. My experience with Coach Vrabel, he was an energetic coach, very hands on, really smart, looks like he’s got his team playing really well. I also was around Dean Pees [Titans Defensive Coordinator] in Baltimore when I played there so just being around those guys. All his defenses always play hard and it’s very reflective on film. So for us, we’ve got another great test."

On if there is carryover from his time with Vrabel:

"I mean some things may carry over. But again, he has a different team than he did in Houston so they’re going to be a little different. Also when I was in Houston, they were getting prepared for other quarterbacks. They weren’t preparing for me and my skillset and how I fit in this offense. It’s still that element. We don’t know how they’re going to view us just like Jacksonville. So, we just got to be prepared for everything that they do, put in the work on the film, make sure we’re ready for whatever."

On not turning the ball over:

"I mean, that’s just preach number one. You learn that when you first come in the league, you don’t turn over the ball. You don’t turn over the ball, you have a chance to win football games. Jay always emphasizes ball security. We have a lot of great faith in our defense and good defenses play well when you don’t put them in bad situations. I learned quick from my time in Tampa. At my short stint there when I started, I turned the ball over in situations where I could’ve protected the points and it was just a great learned lesson for me. Just being aware of where you are on the field, the situation of the game, and just making sure that we always put ourselves in positive situations. The big plays will come, they’ll come. We just got to keep executing."

On if preventing turnovers is the best way for him to stay on the field:

"Most definitely. When you don’t turn the ball over, you’re on the grass. You turn the ball over and you come sit on the bench like you all are sitting down right now. We want to be on the field. We want to be on the field, we want to be running plays, we want to be seeing how the defenses are attacking us because the more we’re out, there the more we get a feel for what’s going on and you get in a rhythm. When you turn the ball over, there is no rhythm. You’re off the field, you’re sitting there watching and you become a spectator. We’re not here to be spectators we’re here to be football players so we want to be on the field."

On the halftime adjustment against the Jaguars:

"I just think we started executing better. We cleaned up a lot of our errors and penalties whether it was a penalty, whether it was alignments or it was executing the play properly. We got a feel for how they were attacking us. They attacked us a lot differently than we anticipated early in the game. We were able to adjust well. At halftime, I speak with all the coaches from o-line to receivers to my coach, the quarterback coach, to Jay. Everybody has something that’s beneficial, so I try to gather as much information as possible to be able to share that with the guys in the huddle so that we make sure we’re all locked in. We were able to go out and put up 13 points and we want to build off that."

On having veteran RB Adrian Peterson in the backfield:

"It’s amazing, man. It’s amazing because the look he has in his eyes is contagious because you see how bad he wants it. Then when you hand him the ball, it’s very reflective in the way that he plays. For me, to have guys like that, I know he’s putting pressure on the defense,m which helps us in the passing game, which helps me as a quarterback. Like again; it’s a great complementary to what we’re trying to get done here. Every run game complements the passing game; offense complements the defense, special teams, etcetera. When you got a guy like Adrian Peterson who’s so well respected but still is a hell of a player, it helps your job be a lot smoother as a quarterback."

On if Peterson had a different look in his eyes during the final drive in the game:

"AP never changed the whole game. He just kept plugging at it. When you’re going against great defenses, it’s going to be like that. That defense is not a bad defense. Tyat’s one of the top defenses in the league, I think they’re number five. To me, the great players, they keep at it, keep at it. He stayed at it. Once they got a little tired in the fourth quarter, he was able to pop off those big runs and we were able to finish the game."

On if they will have to rely on Peterson these next two games:

"We got to ride everybody. We’re playing against the Tennessee Titans this week – great offense, great defense. They play great complementary football. So we all got to be locked in, we all got to be ready to step our game up two more notches. This is a big game."